Long-range access control / identification systems are ideal for controlling and monitoring user and vehicle access through gates, barriers or bollards, but also a variety of other applications where contacless, touch-free operation is essential.

T3900 Long-Range RF Smart Card Reader

The T3900 Long Range RF Smart Card Reader is an innovative product range offering users fully contactless access control at affordable prices.

The Long Range RF Smart Card Reader is ideally suited for use in hospitals, residential homes, areas of stock movement or simply where the convenience of hands-free access control is preferred.

When a user approaches the reader, their card will ‘speak’ to the reader and the reader will then attempt to validate the user’s authorisation. On successful authentication, the reader will flash a green light and sound to prompt the user they have been granted access.  When an unauthorised card is detected, a red light will flash to acknowledge the failed attempt.

With the accepted operating voltage being anything from 12 volts up to 30 volts (DC), these can be implemented into access control systems with a whole range of different components.

Contactless, touch-free long-range access control smart card reader
Adjustable read range of up to 15m
Up to 20 badges read simultaneously
Cost-effective, flexible and durable
Ideal for many different industry environments
Wiegand26 bits
Frequency433.93 MHz
Operating Voltage12V to 30Vdc
Max current40mA
Dimensions60 x 22 x 90 mm (W x D x H)

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T3901 – External Long-Range RF Receiver

The T3901 is a long-range RF access control receiver with 26 or 30-bit wiegand output perfectly suited for external use (IP55 enclosue) and ideal for gates and barriers.

The T3901 access control RF receiver is compatible with all T3943 series transmitters. It has a high performance read range and is easy to mount. It can be used as an optional tuned antenna with this receiver for better reception.

Wiegand receiver for outdoor use
Up to 100m range in open field
Ideal for gates and barriers
IP55 Enclosure
Compatible with all Tensor rolling code transmitters
Wiegand26 or 30 bits
Frequency433.93 MHz
Operating Voltage12/24Vac/dc
Max current24mA
Dimensions109 x 109 x 56 mm
Weight65 gr
Housing protectionIP55

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