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Black Teknigas and Electro Controls Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of combustion, industrial, medical and laboratory gas control equipment. From its Cambridgeshire location it offers one of the largest choices of gas control solutions. The company is a division of Watts Industries, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves and controls, which has a global workforce of more than 13,000.

In 2007, Operations Director, Dave Martin wanted to install a system to control access and staffing attendance for the company’s new factory in Eaton Socon, near St Neots in Cambridgeshire. He said his objective was to introduce a system which satisfied all payroll and health & safety requirements for the management and employees who work at the site. He told our reporter that Tensor was the number one option and that, “I received a mail shot from Tensor just at the right time!” Mr Martin decided to choose Tensor because he was impressed with the Tensor Smart Card technology and because it was local to the new factory.

A WinTA Smart Card Time & Attendance and Access Control system was installed in early 2008. Mr Martin and two other colleagues were taught how to use the system at Tensor’s training centre in Hail Weston site. “Very good” was how Mr Martin described the quality of the training.

Mr Martin described how the Time and Attendance system is used for attendance recording, fire roll call and calculating payroll hours. The ingenuity of the WinTA software is that all these functions are managed in one integrated network. “The ease of operation of WinTA by the staff” was Mr Martin’s comments of what he liked about the system, adding of the Smart Cards, “the staff find them so easy to use”. Information from the contactless cards or key fobs used for clocking in by employees is transferred to the payroll software for the various working hours calculations. Tensor’s Smart Cards allow the fastest method possible of clocking (typically within ¼ of a second), as they do not need to be swiped or taken out of a purse or wallet.

Black Teknigas approves of the integrated system because the clocking data also acts as a ‘class register’ in the case of a fire or other emergencies, as the company knows who is on site. Mr Martin said that the fire roll call is tested every week and that there are annual fire drills. His comments regarding the Tensor Personnel software was “very professional and reacts quickly”.

From time to time Black Teknigas have used the Tensor help desk. Their comments regarding the quality of the Tensor customer support was “good”, on the few occasions it has had to be used. Mr Martin said he would recommend Tensor to other companies, and ended the interview by summing up Tensor as “a professional, but friendly, company to deal with on all fronts.”

Customer information
Black Teknigas and Electro Controls Ltd
Colmworth Business Park
Eaton Socon
St. Neots
PE19 8YX
Tel: +44(0)1480 407074
Fax: +44(0)1480 407076

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