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Brayford Plastics Ltd is based in Lincoln and has one of the most modern production facilities for bag products in the country, fully accredited to the BRC standard. The latest eight colour print technology is used for top-quality reproduction, and conversion is done in-house to a strict quality control regime. Brayford also import volume bag products from leading suppliers around the world.

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In 2001, the Company Accountant, Brian Thornber, wanted to purchase a Time and Attendance and Access Control system. He needed to introduce Access Control as the location of their site was quite open and vulnerable. He also wanted to automate the process of time management, ideally with one new technology system that could do everything.

Brayford Plastics looked at systems from their then supplier of clocking systems, Blick; systems from another local supplier and the WinTA system from Tensor. After careful consideration they chose Tensor because “Tensor was the best, and was the only one that combined Time & Attendance with Access Control.”

IT Manager, Samantha Stocks, explained to the Tensor reporter that the main advantage of Tensor over the competitors was “� the only combined Time & Attendance and Access Control system, and the speed and ease of use of the Tensor Smart Cards.”

A WinTA Smart Card Time & Attendance and Access Control system was installed by Tensor in December, 2001. No problems were encountered during the installation of either the hardware or the software, but there was a period of general bedding in of the system although generally everything went well.

Members of the IT and Payroll departments, including Samantha Stocks, were trained in the use of the WinTA system at the Hail Weston Training Centre. “Excellent” was how they described the quality of the training.

Whilst Samantha feels Brayford Plastics probably don’t use all of the features of WinTA, they are very pleased in the way it helps them manage Time & Attendance and for logging who is on-site for Health & Safety purposes. They are also pleased with the way WinTA formulates hours for the hourly paid staff and controls access into the different areas of the factory and offices.

“WinTA is simple, straight forward, robust and easy to use,” said Samantha, as she described the daily use of the Smart Card system, “�it’s easy to maintain and the general running side of the system works well,” she added. Samantha also said that employees particularly like the Tensor Smart Cards and find them “very easy to use.”

Brayford Plastics use the Tensor automatic Fire Roll Call feature within WinTA. When asked if they have ever used it, Samantha replied, “Yes! and it worked brilliantly. It has been tested on a few occasions, one of which was an actual small fire!”

Samantha has used the Tensor Help Desk and described the quality of the service as “Very Good.”

Samantha described how she was “Perfectly happy with the service” provided by Tensor and commenting on Tensor’s quality of service said “Overall ease-of-use of the system excellent; the Smart Cards, the fact that it’s an all-in-one system and it’s easy to maintain. We have used the Fire Roll Call, and it worked fine. So generally all the reasons why we took the system in the first place have proved to be right.”

Asked if she would recommend Tensor to other companies, Samantha said “Yes I would” , and summing up Tensor in a few words she concluded “A professional and approachable company.”

Customer Information

Brayford Plastics is part of Europe’s number one manufacturer of flexible, resealable packaging. The company offers total flexibility of manufacture for bag products � printed in up to eight colours – with a wide variety of special features. A range of bags is also available from stock for rapid delivery.

Brayford Plastics at Lincoln is accredited to the British Retail Consortium standard (BRC). Our manufacturing facility is fully compliant with strict environmental controls and has the latest solvent abatement equipment installed.

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