Cable Management Products ropes in Tensor for Time and Attendance, Access Control

Cable Management Products Ltd is a major player in the global cable management market with a broad spread of brands and a comprehensive range of quality products. As a part of the Thomas & Betts group, it brings together the immense expertise of market leading brands such as Adaptaflex, Elkay and Kopex along with specialised brands Harnessflex and Pro Teq.

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The company’s headquarters in Coleshill, Birmingham, employs around 200 members of staff, but Cable Management Products has subsidiaries and agents operating worldwide. The Group operates dedicated Sales, Marketing, Technical and Export teams focused on supporting its brands and customers and has representation in all major markets, including emerging markets.

The relationship between Cable Management Products and Tensor began around 18 years ago, when the first Tensor electronic time and attendance and access control products were installed at the Coleshill site. The aim of the process, back then, was to replace the old manual clocking system with an automated one, that would also enable faster and easier payroll processing.

Over the years, the system underwent an extensive range of upgrades, in order to remain fit for purpose and to keep up with the latest of Tensor’s technological developments, Mr. Ben Mitchell, Network Support Manager/IT Manager for Cable Management Products, informed us.

As the person in charge of the Tensor system’s maintenance and daily operation, Mr. Mitchell received extensive training at Tensor’s Hail Weston training facility. He describes the quality of the training process as “very good”.

Right now, the Tensor solution installed at the Cable Management Products site is used mostly for Access Control and staff clocking purposes, but Mr. Ben Mitchell believes that “it could probably do a lot more”.

The Tensor solution comprises numerous Tensor T1481G and T1488G networked card scanners, as well as T2581 series clocking units and T8524 door controllers. Due to the size of the site, the implementation of a series of nodes and bridge elements for the system was also required.

In terms of software, Cable Management Products runs the Enterprise version of the WinTA.NET suite. Granting total control over the creation of working rules, Access Control, Job Costing and System Security, this version has been specifically designed for multiple companies, each managing multiple sites.

When asked by the Tensor reporter what he likes most about the system, Mr. Mitchell replied that “I particularly like the fact that it’s a bulletproof system. It works really well, does what it’s supposed to do and it’s overall very robust.”

The Cable Management Products IT Manager also believes that the Tensor system is “very easy to use”, and the same applies to the Tensor Smart cards. “Yes, absolutely, the Tensor Smart Cards are quite easy to use, we haven’t had any problems whatsoever as far as they’re concerned”.

Since Cable Management Products has been using the extensive Tensor Time and Attendance system for such a long time, the Tensor Operations Department engineers did have to visit the company’s site on a few occasions, in order to sort out various functionality issues, but the quality of their work was “brilliant” at all times, according to Mr. Mitchell.

Given the extensive relationship between the two companies, as well as the high level of satisfaction provided by the Tensor solutions, Cable Management Products now considers extending the system at an international level.

We’re a solid, growing business, operating on multiple international sites. For this reason, we’re actually running an internal project right now, aiming to upgrade the level of functionality provided by the Tensor system in order to enable a superior level of workforce management across our entire network of sites, UK-based and overseas”, Mr. Mitchell explained.

When asked whether he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Mr. Mitchell said that “Yes, I would, and in fact I already did that quite a few times, over the past few years.”

Summing up, Mr. Ben Mitchell commented that “We’ve had quite a long-standing relationship with Tensor. As with all such long-term commitments, we’ve had our up and downs over the years. However, we’ve always managed to reach a compromise that worked for both companies, which, in the end, is the most important thing.”


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