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H I Group plc are electrical wholesalers and distributors employing around 550 people at their sites in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Around the end of 2003, Managing Director, Bob Crawshaw, was thinking of installing a new system of attendance monitoring to replace the manual timesheets used by the company. Timesheets were time consuming to process and provided no automatic link to download the information into the company’s payroll.

H I group reviewed systems from Blick and two other local suppliers as well as the WinTA Enterprise system from Tensor. The company selected Tensor because Tensor gave us everything we needed in one system at a reasonable price .

A WinTA Enterprise Access system comprising Smart Card clocking stations and Access Control equipment for three different buildings was installed by Tensor in June 2004. A minor problem with a Smart Card scanner was encountered, but this was quickly resolved. No problems were encountered with the software installation.

Management Accountant, Steve Monish, and Marie Harris from the payroll department were trained at Tensor’s training centre in Hail Weston. Steve described the quality of the training as Fantastic, A1 .

Steve explained to the Tensor reporter how they are using more and more of the system and that they are currently rolling out responsibility to individual supervisors. WinTA Enterprise is used for monitoring all staff comings and goings and to formulate hours for input into the payroll.

When asked what he liked most about Tensor, Steve said, It’s flexible, user friendly and the Tensor Smart Cards are very easy to use . Steve has used the Tensor Helpdesk and found the service Pretty good. He has also used the services of the Operations Department and thought they were Great! .

H I Group plc have just purchased another building where they will be extending the Tensor system with further Smart Card Time & Attendance including automatic Fire Roll Call.

Asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Steve said Yes , and when asked to sum up Tensor in a few words he replied Good product and good staff .

Customer Information

H I Group plc
Express Way
West Yorkshire.
WF10 5QJ

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Tel: 01977 603000

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