Harcostar install Time & Attendance system

When Mark Stanley, IT Development Manager for Harcostar Drums Ltd, was looking for an employee Time and
Attendance system for his Huntingdon factory, he wanted it to be easy and fast for the staff to use.

After Mark saw a demonstration of the Tensor Smart Card system he was so impressed he immediately ordered
and installed a WinTA Time & Attendance and Access Control system. One of the main reasons was the speed
in which staff could clock in using their Smart Cards, whilst still keeping them in their wallets or

Harcostar have two Time and Attendance readers so staff can clock in/out using either their Smart Cards
or Smart Key fobs. Access to the main factory door is controlled by a door scanner, which allows employees
who have the appropriate security level access to the factory.

Harcostar’s existing fire alarm system has been integrated into WinTA so that in the event of fire or
other emergency an automatic Fire Roll Call list is produced. The Fire Roll Call printer automatically
prints the report when the Fire Alarm Activates allowing a fast and accurate procedure for accounting
for all members of staff and visitors.

Mark Harvey, the present IT manager, said the best thing about the system is that
"its reliable and easy
to maintain" while the "staff like it, because it easy to use".

The advanced reporting and analysing features of WinTA use the clocking information in real-time to
produce standard or customised reports. The holiday and absence planner is also particularly useful.

Harcostar Drums Limited was established in 1964 in Huntingdon and is now the largest UK based plastic drum
manufactures. They offer a wide range of products for industry and have been long recognized for their
consumer brand of Harcostar water storage containers and planters.

Harcostars Website :-

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