PDM Group entrusts Tensor with Time & Attendance, Access Control, Fire Roll Call duties


The PDM Group operates in a wide range of sectors associated with the food chain. The Group’s companies manufacture quality products for use in human and animal foodstuffs, agriculture, aquaculture, and industrial applications.

PDM also produces bio-fuels and renewable energy and provides services for farming and the food industry. Founded in Doncaster in 1926, the company has an annual turnover in excess of £200 million and employs over 1,000 people at 23 sites across the UK.

De Mulder & Sons Ltd is an important part of the PDM Group. Mr. Steve Jowett, De Mulder & Sons Ltd Manager, recalls that around 5 years ago, the company started to look for a modern Time and Attendance and Access Control system for their Warwickshire site, which employs around 80 members of staff. “At the moment, we were using an old punch card clocking system, which was certainly becoming obsolete really fast – clearly no longer fit for its purpose.” said Mr. Jowett.

Following an extensive market research process, De Mulder & Sons Ltd decided to opt for a configuration built around the Tensor WinTA Access Enterprise suite, a complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Regulations checking and reporting, ensuring that the company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.

The T&A solution features multiple Tensor T1481G networked scanners, as well as a T8440 series clocking unit. Moreover, the system installed at De Mulder & Sons Ltd also sports a couple of interesting access control customization features, such as turnstile-attached scanners.

The WinTA Access Enterprise system was installed back in late 2008/early 2009. Unfortunately, the Tensor engineers did come across a couple of problems during the hardware installation processes, caused by some infrastructure-related issues at the De Mulder & Sons Ltd premises, but they were quickly sorted out.

The relevant users from De Mulder & Sons Ltd were trained on site on using the Tensor system, and Mr. Jowett recalls that the training process “went quite OK”. Even if the training process was quite thorough, Mr. Jowett believes that they’re still not using the Tensor system at its full potential.

When asked what he likes most about the Tensor system, Mr. Jowett answered that “it does the job it’s supposed to, in a reliable manner. It’s there and we don’t have to worry about it”.

The De Mulder & Sons Ltd manager believes that the Tensor T&A system is “mostly easy to use, apart from some minor issues.” The same goes for the Tensor smart cards, although Mr. Jowett is not too happy with his own colleagues, who tend to “lose the cards quite often, so we have to supply them with new ones.”

Mr. Steve Jowett also revealed to the Tensor reporter that, due to the specific nature of the PDM Group’s activity, their “smoke or fire alarms tend to go off quite often. That’s why we also employ the Fire Roll Call functionality provided by the Tensor system quite extensively”.

Ever since the system was initially installed, Mr. Jowett and/or his colleagues had to call the Tensor help desk a few times, and he believes that their service was “always very good. No complaints here”.

Two of the clocking units also required some maintenance work at some point, and the Tensor Operations department engineers were quick to remove them and replace them with loaned units. In this way, our daily operations were not affected in any major way”, Mr. Jowett added.

Since the Tensor products always worked for him and the quality of the after-sales service and support was also a very good one, Mr. Stewe Jowett answered a definite “Yes, I certainly think so, yes” when asked whether he would recommended the Tensor products to other companies. Plus, the PDM Group manager also revealed that they’re considering extending the Tensor system in order to incorporate latest-generation biometrics-enabled clocking stations, pending suitably good results from an internal test.

Summing up, Mr. Jowett told the Tensor reporter that “The system is very good and does what it’s supposed to do, the after sales service is fine, so we’re quite happy with it”.

PDM Group

De Mulder & Sons Ltd

Mancetter Road

Hartshill, Nuneaton


CV10 0TA

Tel: +44 (0) 24 7639 7571

Fax: +44 (0) 24 7639 7266

Web: http://www.pdm-group.co.uk

Email: csc@pdm-group.co.uk

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