Tensor technology provides Ultimate clocking and access control to Lincolnshire firm

Tensor technology provides Ultimate clocking and access control to Lincolnshire firm image 1

Around 220 people work at the Grimsby based company Ultimate Packaging Ltd, one of the food industry's leading flexible packaging printers. John Shaw, the IT manager of the North East Lincolnshire firm explained to our reporter that they once had an old clocking in/out system but that they then had an opportunity to replace it when the existing contract ran out.

After looking on the internet John came across Tensor, whose representative referred him to another of the company’s customers, Pegler’s of Doncaster. “I was impressed” said John, “I have some knowledge of Access Control systems and I was happy with the way the Tensor system worked. I particularly liked the speed and accuracy of the proximity smart card system. We decided to go the whole hog with Tensor – Time and Attendance and Access Control”.

The combined system, installed at Ultimate by Tensor in 2006, uses dual-purpose smart cards or key fobs to register employee attendance and gain access to the site. There were no problems with either the hardware or software installation. “It was absolutely fine. It was probably one of the most successful projects we’ve been involved in”, exclaimed John.

John Shaw described how the system is easy to set up and is easy to add new people and remove other quickly, and how you can allocate many people onto the same clock. “All-round it is a very good product” said John.

The Tensor software includes a fire roll call system, where a report is automatically printed in the case of an evacuation. John said, “We use fire roll call as a comparison when we get out to the assembly point”.

John was very satisfied with Tensor’s in-house help desk support service, commenting, “We have had to call the help desk on a few separate occasions. The problems were solved pretty much right away. Compared to other systems we’ve got we really don’t need to speak to the Tensor support staff very much”.

In 2009 the Tensor system at Ultimate was upgrade and extended to manage a new building on the site. Access control to four more doors together with another smart card time clock was added to the modular system. John’s verdict was, “There were no problems here, everything was fine”.

Both contactless smart cards and key fobs can be used to operate the access control readers and record attendance at the clocking stations. However, Ultimate Packaging decided to use key fobs, which are very robust and therefore have a near-infinite life. “The key fobs are much better for us because we have a lot of people on the shop floor, and they keep them on key rings – they work well” added John.

We asked John Shaw how we could improve the product and service we give to Ultimate Packaging? His reply was that he could not see where Tensor could improve its service, saying “We also use your personnel module. The whole system works well and I can’t think of any improvements to put on it – it does what it says on the tin!”

Finally, we asked John Shaw whether he would recommend Tensor to other manufacturing companies and particularly those within the packaging industry. He replied emphatically “Yes, absolutely!”, and wrapping up his experience of Tensor he concluded, “A very superior product, with knowledgeable and helpful staff. I am very impressed and very confident with the whole set-up”.

Customer Information
Ultimate Packaging Limited,
Pegasus Way,
North East Lincolnshire,
DN37 9TS
Tel: +44 (0) 1472 255400
Fax: +44 (0) 1472 255440
Email: sales@ultimate-packaging.co.uk
Web: www.ultimate-packaging.co.uk/

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