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Keepmoat Homes specialise in building around 1,000 high quality, attractively priced homes a year. With more than a third sold to first time buyers, they enable people to achieve their dreams by securing that vital first step onto the home-ownership ladder. Their award-winning range of homes demonstrates innovation, while a wide variety of house styles and exceptional choice of fixtures and furnishings, offered through their Contours’ range, allows customers to create their ideal home.

In 2005, Commercial Manager, Gerard Harrison was looking at better ways of monitoring security on their construction sites. Various options were available including employing security guards. The problem with manned guarding was that a security guard may be subject to abuse as they would be working as a 'lone worker' for much of the time. The lone worker aspect also meant that other welfare issues had to be taken into consideration. There was also the cost of upwards of £1,000 a year which would escalate over time.

A construction site CCTV system was another option. With the CCTV linked to a 24/7 monitoring centre, this option would not only be cheaper but would also provide evidence quality CCTV footage that could be given to the police.

A Tensor-built CCTV construction site security system is now used to control security when the site is unmanned. The system comprises up to 4 CCTV cameras mounted on a tower that is secured to a concrete base. The system stays in place for the life of the building works. It is then moved by Tensor to a new site as one collection of houses is finished and a new one begins.

The Tensor system has a high-speed ADSL communications link to an automated response centre or ARC. Incorporated into the system is a high volume PA system, enabling the person working in the ARC to shout at would-be thieves and intruders, causing them to instantly leave the site.

The Tensor-Build system is also useful during the day when the construction site is manned. Here, the health and safety aspects of the site can be monitored as well as general security.

Gerard told the Tensor reporter that each site is unique with regards to the CCTV installation. He explained that “Tensor design the system around the requirements of the site.

He added that upon beginning a new site Keepmoat look at the equipment they already have and decide whether the building site requires CCTV. He described how their needs are constantly changing and that “Tensor maintain the CCTV and provide the remote monitoring service.”

Asked what he liked most about Tensor, Gerard Harrison replied “Adaptability.” When asked if he would recommend Tensor to other construction companies to control their site security, Gerard responded “Yes! Tensor’s service is very good,” and summing up his experience of the Tensor building site CCTV protection system he concluded, “Tensor provide a decent product, decent service at a decent price.

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