Claas harvests Tensor for Time and Attendance system


Claas is a world market leader in self-propelled forage harvesters, combine harvesters, tractors and other agricultural equipment. The company was founded back in 1913 and is now based in Harsewinkel, Germany, in the state of North Rhine Westphalia, but has plants, sales offices and depots all around the world.

Back in mid-1999, the company’s UK branch started looking for an automated, electronic Time and Attendance solution, designed to help employees clock-in faster and easier, with the data being readily available for the payroll department.

After looking at some competing products (Blick was also an option at the time) and taking into account its own requirements, the systems’ features, but also the price, Claas UK ultimately decided to choose a Tensor solution.

The Tensor Time and Attendance system installed at Claas UK is built around the WinTA T2561 clocking station and makes very good use of the Tensor Smart Cards, capable of providing a consistent read range unaffected by external conditions.

By employing a 125 KHz frequency field picked up by an aerial in the smart card and a smart card microchip which holds a unique factory encoded ID number that cannot be duplicated, the Tensor Smart Cards support not only very fast operation, but also a superior level of security during normal operation.

Data collected from the smart card reader is then managed via the WinTA.NET software application, that combines the requirements of Time & Attendance, Access Control, Visitor Monitoring, Identification Pass Production and Job Costing, delivering very good value for money in terms of the available features.

Some other very interesting details worth mentioning about the WinTA.NET system are its modular nature and extensive headroom for further expansion. The comprehensive software solution in fact consists of a series of separate modules, each adding core functionality to a different aspect of the system. Moreover, extending the system is quite simple, since new features are added by serial number activation, with no need for application re-installation or deployment.

When asked by the Tensor reporter what they’re using the system for right now, Mr. Bob Townson, Claas UK’s current IT Manager, revealed that it’s still mostly for Time and Attendance and managing the around 100 members of staff working at the company’s site.

Mr. Townson believes that, due to the age of the system (which is due for an upgrade), it’s quite likely that they’re not using it at its full potential. However, he appreciates the system’s reliability, saying that “What we like most about it is the fact that it works at the required parameters, that it does exactly what’s supposed to.”

He also acknowledged that the Tensor smart cards are quite fast and easy to use.

The Tensor system installed at the Claas UK headquarters worked up to the required parameters and, for this reason, Mr. Townson didn’t really call the Tensor help desk too often. “Yes, we did call the help desk line, but we haven’t done so for a very long time. They provided a good service, as far as I recall”, said the Claas UK IT Manager.

When asked whether he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Mr. Townson answered with a definite “Yes”.

Summing up, Mr. Bob Townson commented that “The Tensor systems works fine. It didn’t give us too much trouble, so we’re happy with it”.

Customer information

CLAAS U. K. Ltd.

Saxham Business Park

Saxham – Bury St. Edmunds

Suffolk IP 28 6 QZ

United Kingdom

Tel.: 01284 763100

Fax: 01284 769839


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