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Greenwood Air Management has been designing and manufacturing ventilation products for over 120 years. One of their sites is the injection moulding part of the business based at the West Thamesmead Business Park in Woolwich. In 2001 this site decided to purchase a new Time and Attendance recording system for the weekly and monthly paid staff to replace an existing manual clock card system.

After reviewing several products available in the market Greenwood Air Management chose a WinTA lite Smart Fob system from Tensor. The Tensor Smart Fobs use the same chip technology found in the rest of the Tensor product range but the Smart Card chip is packaged into a key fob instead of a card. "We like the Tensor key fobs" said Personnel Manager, Lisa Simpson, "they are very easy to use and our employees are not likely to forget them" .

Tensor installed a WinTA lite system in 2001/2 which also included the Fire Roll Call feature. Lisa highlighted

  • time saving
  • convenience
  • general management reporting

as areas she particularly likes about WinTA lite, together with the friendliness of the software. She uses the holiday planner and the absence tracker and also transfers formulated hours for payroll processing at their other office.

Lisa further explained how Greenwoods had originally incorporated their work rules of rolling patterns and varying shifts into the WinTA lite system and how they always kept their "leavers" on the system. This was so that should a person re-apply to work for the company, she could always check the actual date they left and the reasons surrounding the departure. This enabled her then to make a valued judgement as to whether there might be a problem with re-employing the person

Summarising Lisa said "I am very comfortable with the Tensor WinTA lite system; it’s ease-of-use, the speed of use and the reliability" . She also mentioned that she downloads reports onto spreadsheets, and, that when the company relocates to their new site at Lenham, Kent, she will definitely be taking her WinTA lite system with her.

About Greenwood Air Management

Greenwood Air Management has been designing and manufacturing ventilation products for over 120 years. Thomas Wootton Greenwood originally set the company up in 1879. The company was based in Manchester, producing inlet and outlet ventilators. Greenwood moved to Wembley in the 1930s and then finally to Rustington, West Sussex in 1970.

Now as ventilation becomes an even more important issue in modern building design, Greenwood is dedicated to providing technical excellence in integrated systems to ensure we provide ventilation solutions to improve the living environment.

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