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Illuma Lighting Ltd is one of the UK’s largest independent lighting companies and a market leader in display and architectural lighting. The family owned company employs around 110 people at their factory in Shepshed, Leicestershire where they have installed a Tensor Smart Card system. The system keeps track of the hours worked by their employees and of holidays and absences for non-clocking employees.

The new system was installed because the existing electronic system was not year 2000 compliant, which resulted in them setting the year to 1997 just to get the correct date / day combination.
ICT Manager, Nick Capsticks, set 4 basic criteria for any new system.

  • Cost
  • The system had to use an SQL database
  • The system had to use proximity cards
  • They wanted as many additional feature as possible

Illuma looked at 4 systems ISGUS International Ltd, Miterfinch, Autotime and Tensor and decided on Tensor’s WinTA Enterprise and Personnel Enterprise as Tensor was the 2nd cheapest quote, the Smart Card readers did not have any moving parts and the software offered the best personnel system.

Nick chose to install the Tensor Time & Attendance clock himself with commissioning by a Tensor engineer.
“It was easy to install” he exclaimed.

“The best thing about Tensor is the stability of the database and the holiday absence planner”
commented Nick. “Overall we are happy with Tensor system”.

Illuma have been designing and manufacturing lighting fittings since 1981. They supply:

  • a wide range of lighting products to achieve a variety of visual effects
  • quality products you can rely on.
  • products that are quick and easy to install
  • prompt delivery so your project can be completed on time
  • a reliable supplier that can give you technical advice and back-up from time to time
    and last but not least, value for money.

Illuma’s slogan is simple.. ‘Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed’. Although they one are of the UK’s largest independent lighting companies and a market leader in display and architectural lighting, they remain a family owned company. You’ll find they are big enough to cope with your largest requirements, but small enough to care about providing you with products and services you’ll be delighted with. Illuma products are readily available both nationally and internationally through approved distributors.

For more information about Illuma lightning and their product visit there website.

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