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Rustler Produce Limited are packers of onions, leeks and similar vegetables. Their growers, mainly based in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, are Farm Assured and some are members of LEAF and the FWAG Biodiversity Scheme.

Based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, Rustler has one of the most advanced storage complexes within the UK, capable of holding 9,000 tonnes of box storage and 2,800 tonnes of controlled atmosphere storage. The factory includes computer
controlled grading and packing and represents a £1.4 million investment.

In November 2001 Production Manager, Nick Howard, was charged with overseeing the installation of a new Time & Attendance system. The site previously had a Bodet system but it required an expensive upgrade to ensure it would work again, so the company bought a Tensor WinTA Lite
Time & Attendance management system. They decided on Tensor because Solanum Ltd, a member of the group, recommended it and the cost was reasonable. Nick said,
“We did look at another system which in comparison with Tensor was expensive and did not have as many features.”

Tensor installed a WinTA Lite system and Tensor Personnel Lite and the staff attended a training course at Hail Weston. Nick and Allan Best, the company Accountant, said they found WinTA Lite
“easy to set up the employees, shifts and reports after training. The training was intensive and very good.”

They are using the system features more and more and particularly like the absence reporting and holiday planner.
"We use the system to book holidays and absences and have found we can easily see which employees are not in and can find out a reason for it. The Tensor system is defiantly more accurate than before"

Both Nick and Allan said “initially we called the helpdesk when the system was set up. All in all, the system has been hassle free”

Onions as we all know are essential – everyone uses onions, the Housewife, Chefs, Processors – they all need onions.
Rustler not only know our onions but also are proud of them! Five years ago Rustler began as a joint venture between Whitworths Growers Limited and Russell Burgess
Limited. The JV was formed to fill a gap in the market – a company dedicated to supplying first class quality onions, coupled with excellent service and a commitment to R & D.

Rustler has nine expert growers, producing some 1,100 acres of onions and 275 acres of leeks, all of our growers are Farm Assured and some are members of LEAF and the FWAG Biodiversity Scheme.
Their growers are based on some of the best soils in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. We have one of the most advanced storage complexes in the United Kingdom, with 9,000 tonnes of box cold storage and 2,800 tonnes of CA storage. We cosset our onions!

Rustler is a quality driven business with emphasis on low cost performance and a pride in our committed and well trained workforce. Continuous improvement is a way of life.
Their new factory facility was opened in May 2000 and represented a £1.4 million investment. That’s a lot of money to put into onions. With the most up to date machinery and massive capacity we can produce our products at low cost while maintaining our quality driven culture.

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