St Ivels (Chichester) Install Access Control

In the UK and Ireland St Ivel is a major supplier of branded and Customer label products to retailers.
It produces dairy spreads, low fat spreads, margarines, yogurt, fromage frais and
desserts from it 4 Manufacturing Sites around the United Kingdom. A Tensor system has been installed at the factory in Chichester to provide
access control and employee Time and Attendance monitoring.

St Ivel needed a system that used the latest technology, was easy to
use and provided controlled access only to those who have the
appropriate Security Clearance. The 6 access points security levels
are controlled from the main PC.

Smart Card holders simply present the card to the readers to gain
access and do not even need to take the card out of their handbags or
wallets. The card is read in under 1/4 of a second.

Staff not only gain access to the building using their Smart Cards but
also clock staff in and out, at the Time and Attendance reader. Using
the advanced reporting and analysing features of WinTA real time reports
can be produced using the clocking information.

The system is connected to the existing fire alarm. In case of fire
or some other emergency, the clocking information is used to produce a
fire roll call report to provide easy and fast method of accounting for
all staff.

St Ivel has over 1,400 UK and Ireland employees and produces a range of well known
spreads brands including Utterly Butterly, Gold, Vitalite, Golden Churn and Carapelli
(produced under licence). The company also has a long term contract with Cadbury to
produce a range of chilled desserts. Other licenses include kids products such as Teletubbies,
Simpsons and Bill & Ben.

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