Teknoflex Praises Tensor's Time & Attendance and Access Control Systems


Teknoflex is the UK’s largest dedicated flexible and flex-rigid circuit board manufacturer. Offering design, manufacture and component assembly of the flexible circuits, Teknoflex can provide a complete turnkey interconnect solution if desired. The company is based in Chichester, West Sussex.

The Teknoflex Directors and Executive Team were looking to better regulate and record employee Time and Attendance and to improve the control of access into Teknoflex’s offices and factories. Of particular importance was to have one system that would handle T & A and increase the security of their site, which comprised two separate factories. They installed a WinTA Access Enterprise Smart Card Time & Attendance and Access Control system including Tensor electronic door locks. The reason they chose Tensor was because Tensor was highly recommended by existing users.

Two staff from Teknoflex were trained in the use of WinTA Enterprise with training sessions both at Teknoflex’s site and at Tensor’s Training Centre in Hail Weston. The standard of training received was “excellent in all aspects” explained Andrea Shorrock, their Export Sales & Marketing Manager.

Teknoflex currently uses WinTA Enterprise for enhancing their Access Control, Fire Roll Call, Visitor Monitoring and Time and Attendance. A few issues occurred during the implementation of the system and these were associated with having two separate factory sites, as well as a variable connection quality. However, the system is now stable and Andrea said what they like most about Tensor is “the Tensor system is compact and easy to use, permitting a more secure and safe environment to work in.”

“Easy” was how Andrea described the use of WinTA Enterprise and “the cards are very easy to use – one swipe and you’re in” is what she thought of the Tensor Smart Cards.

Teknoflex have also used the Tensor Helpdesk. The response and resolution from the help desk are “usually very good.”

Teknoflex will be extending WinTA Enterprise into their new factory in 2008. Teknoflex is now on one site where previously they were on two sites. “We will be reviewing all aspects of the system and how we utilize the various functions over the coming months,” said Andrea.

Teknoflex have recently extended the access control system to work with additional doors. When asked what she liked most about Tensor, Andrea said: “The ease with which the data can be accessed”.

When asked if Teknoflex would recommend Tensor to other companies, Andrea said: “We would thoroughly recommend Tensor to any business that is looking for an easy to use attendance and security solution they said.”

Andrea concluded: “Tensor is easy to use, good for enhancing security, excellent for Time and Attendance control and analysis.”

Customer Information

Teknoflex Ltd unfortunately dissolved on 23rd September 2016.

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