Top Albanian retailer exclusively uses Tensor

Euromax, part of ManeTCI Group, is the major retailer in the Albanian region. Their market extends from food retailing to electro-domestic and digital equipment and also into the fashion retail sector. Euromax’s current operation includes Hypermarkets, Supermarkets and Corner Stores. The size of the stores vary from 400 to 5000 square and they also have modern and innovative logistic system based distribution centres of over 15,000 square metres.
There are around 2,000 people working for the group in Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Austria and Arab Emirates.

In early 2006 IT Manager, Gentian Gjiknuri, was looking for a new Time Management and Access Control system for the company. It was expected that the business would increase its workforce considerably and Gentian wanted a system that could be expanded as the company grew. The main objective of the new system was to provide a clear view of what was going on in the company, when people came in and out, how many hours staff worked; and some reports about their holidays. Gentian reviewed systems from Bodet, TimeClock Plus and Tensor.

I chose Tensor because in my opinion they proved to be efficient in giving the response back to the customer quite fast. They also offered the product for trial period and had a clear licensing system. The system complied with European Union Working Regulation and is rich in features explained Gentian to the Tensor reporter.

Gentian felt the main advantage of Tensor over the competitors was the Ease of installation and that in his view no special knowledge was required and it was relatively easy to setup.

The first of a series of WinTA Access Enterprise systems were installed in June 2006. Mostly, these use T8440 Smart Card clocking stations on a TCP/IP protocol as Euromax have a decentralized structure with stores all around the country that are communicating with the central offices via leased lines.

Using only the Tensor user manuals, Euromax have installed all the systems themselves. It was easier than I thought exclaimed Gentian.

Its easy to set up and to use, intuitive and powerful for the decentralized structures we have said Gentian …and it is easy to use even if somebody uses only the manual to set it up and do the daily operations.

Asked how well the employees have taken to using the Tensor Smart Cards? Gentian said, The Smart Cards are very easy to use. Reading is fast and error free�

Euromax are taking the first steps in using the Tensor Personnel system. Gentian said It is very complete cataloging system for all employee activities in the company and he feels it could be a very powerful tool in the hands of their HR department and for their top management, if used properly. He thinks it has a lot of potential and its use …will for sure generate a lot of positive impact in the company. Gentian has plans to extend the use of WinTA throughout the ManeTCI Group.

… and would Gentian recommend Tensor to other companies? Yes, I would recommend Tensor to other companies. With this system they will be able to follow and control hundreds of employees with a reduced number of personnel in the HR department. The system is fair and does not leave place for interpretation, especially if the structure of the company is decentralized. He said.

Summing up Tensor in a few words Gentian concluded, Tensor is offering a product that has great capabilities in putting a structure and order in the company, boosting the performance of HR and reducing the personnel and manual work required to deal with the payrolls, holidays and other routine activities. Tensor transforms these in activities in easy automatic task that require only minimal user intervention

Customer Information

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Euromax Hypermarket

Telephone: +355 4 380 000
Fax: +355 4 380 001



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