Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) are designed to optimize energy consumption within a building and reduce carbon emissions. Almost all organisations waste large amounts of money by inefficiently heating their buildings and buildings in their charge. In the public sector this applies to schools, care homes, hospitals and most other public buildings. In the private sector, this most usually applies to offices and factories, especially to firms with a large number of smaller buildings.

Most of these heating / cooling systems have very simple time clocks and boiler thermostats to control the heating; a hopelessly inefficient system of control based on technology of 100 years ago. Some of the more modern buildings have improved upon this position by installing a Building Management System (BEMS). These reduce the waste somewhat, but are often incorrectly set up or even switched to “manual” has they are too complicated to use.

HeatingSave Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) – the game changers

Our award winning HeatingSave Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) change this. No need to replace your boilers, plant or equipment? It’s far more cost effective to “better run” what you already have. Of course we can’t turn an old boiler into a new one, but, we can make a typical saving of 25% to 50% savings off your fuel bill.

HeatingSave uses occupancy sensors to turn down the heating when nobody is about and automatically turns it up when the building is occupied, which makes it particularly suitable for variably occupied buildings. All organisations should consider retrofitting HeatingSave to existing central heating or cooling systems as part of their cost reduction scheme.

The advantages of the above course of action is:

  • HeatingSave simply retrofits to existing heating systems, replacing where the time clock/BMS was situated
  • Comparatively inexpensive and simple to install with a fast payback. (1 to 3 years)
  • HeatingSave more efficiently operates the system you already have. The existing plumbing remains untouched.

HeatingSave is approved to work and save fuel by the Carbon Trust, The Department of Energy & Climate Change, the Energy Savings Trust and it is OfGem CERT approved.

With rising energy costs you cannot afford not to look at HeatingSave!

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