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Lufthansa is one of the world’s biggest and prestigious airlines. It required not just fast and secure access control but also a Time and Attendance system for their Heathrow office. They have installed the WinTA system which will provide an easy way to monitor the flexi-time shifts they work as well as giving them a comprehensive access control system. Members of staff have been issued a Smart Card which can be used while still in a wallet or bag and are read within a second. The card is used for access control as well as clocking in and out. The door readers security level can be controlled to allow access only to those who have the appropriate Security Clearance for that time of day. At Lufthansa they have a external glass doors which are secured by powerful magnetic locks. Visitors simply talk to reception through an intercom system and the door can be activated from the desk. The door can be controlled by a push button to exit the building quickly. The Time and Attendance reader is conveniently located near to the entrance so staff can clock in quickly as they enter.  The advanced reporting and analysing features of WinTA Enterprise will use the clocking information in real time to produce standard or customised reports. The airline has successfully measured up to the challenges of globalisation and liberalisation and is now a highly profitable carrier and industry pacemaker. Lufthansa’s subsidiaries are market leaders in their business areas. Following its full privatisation in 1997, Lufthansa has emerged as one of Germany’s biggest public companies with 400,000 shareholders.

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