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The Bourn Golf & Leisure club is located in a beautiful setting in the rural Cambridgeshire, and offers members and visitors alike access to 2 golf courses (18 holes plus pitch and putt), 2 putting greens, a driving range, as well as a top-range health club featuring a swimming pool with sauna and steam room, as well as high-quality bar and restaurant.

Due to its remote setting, with no access to gas pipelines, the club’s central heating system relies on 3 oil-fired boilers that power their extensive radiator system.

Mr. Daniel Barker, the Bourn Golf & Leisure Club General Manager, recalls that, back in the second part of 2011, the Club started looking for an energy management solution that would enable them to achieve “a superior level of efficiency and better management of our heating system, as well as serious costs savings”.

After being approached by one of the HeatingSave representatives and learning about its comprehensive energy-saving features, the Club’s management ultimately decided to go for a HeatingSave Small Business Building Energy Management System.

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