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Budelpack are one of Europe’s leading multi-specialist contract manufacturers and contract packers, with UK plants at March, Cambridgeshire and Rhymney in Gwent. The March plant was especially designed to meet the requirements of the food industry.

In 1999 Kelley Lewis, Budelpacks IT manager was looking for an electronic employee attendance system to replace their existing manual punch card setup. Obviously, the new system would need to be computerised and have a full reporting facility to manage the time and attendance function. The plant worked three shifts plus a day shift for the office employees.

After reviewing various systems on the market, Budelpack choose a Tensor WinTA Time & Attendance and Access Control system.

Currently, over 140 employees and many contractors use Tensor Smart Cards to gain access and record their hours. “Tensor’s software is flexible enough to add any shift or access control pattern whenever we like” remarked Kelley. “When we moved into our new plant in 2001 we expanded the Tensor system considerably with an additional seven access control points. These allowed us to control access to and around the site, restricting movements to authorised Smart Card holders only. For example, we can secure the office area at all times restricting transport drivers from entering this area and other areas like the loading bays where there are clear health and safety considerations. Tensor also allows us to restrict contractors and visitor access during certain times of the day” added Kelley.

With the old punch card system it was a long drawn out process to tally all the hours worked by employees in the factory. Since the installation of Tensor, this has been made a lot easier by being able to run reports on demand.

“The Tensor system is great as it’s easy to upgrade!” exclaimed Kelley. “From an initial Time & Attendance system we have expanded WinTA to a full Access Control and Fire Roll system. The main doors have an inner and outer Smart Card scanner. When a Smart Card holder uses their badge to enter the building they are registered onto the Fire Roll Call and unregistered when they use their card to exit the building,” he said.

“We have set up fire points and have used the Fire Roll system in trials. The fire roll call printer prints a roll call at the front door. We have found it really good” said Kelley.

The operators and users of WinTA had training at Tensor’s Hail Weston Training Centre and found it “Good, and very useful.”

“The thing I most like about Tensor are the clear security benefits and its scalability and expandability” concluded Kelley.

Budelpack is the leading European provider of contract manufacturing, contract packing and related production services. By taking responsibility for brand-owners’ non-core manufacturing, marketing and sales. Their thorough understanding of Food brand-owners blending and packing needs is the result of over 30 years experience. Today, through established operations in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom, we provide the infrastructure our customers need to overcome skills and capacity shortages, accelerate time-to-market, rationalise operations and minimise investment risk.

Their goal is to strengthen their Number One position in the food industry through the continued development of dynamic long-term relationships with market-leading companies.

For more information please visit their website at www.budelpack.com.

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