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Burrows and Smith
is an engineering company specializing in supply of component parts to the automotive
industry. They have a 3-acre factory in Leicester which operates 24 hours a day mainly making components for diesel engines.

Burrow and Smith have installed a complete Tensor HR system comprising Time & Attendance, Access Control and Personnel management.

Explained Kevin Bodicoat the Services Manager at Burrow and Smith,
“We were looking for a full Human Resources system, including a personnel package, that would simplify the payroll system at the factory”. “We chose the Tensor WinTA system because it had all the features we required and was good value for money,” he remarked. “After initial setting up, the system has been trouble-free and now just “ticks over”, he said.

Kevin described, “Before Tensor, we had a system of punch cards which was always a week behind. We had to check and correct the details for every member of staff. These procedures were made even more complex when staff changed shifts, booked holidays or were absent. With Tensor’s WinTA system I can print a report at the end of the pay week and have all the required information to hand”.

Kevin also finds the instant analysis and reporting of sickness and lateness very helpful for employee pay queries.

The Tensor Smart Card system is spread over three buildings and the staff like the system. For extra security an access control reader is used for monitoring the tools area allowing only authorized personnel into it.

Burrows & Smith Ltd have a well earned reputation for quality, delivery andservice. At their comprehensive manufacturing facilities provide exceptional versatility and permit any size of production run, giving them the capability of fulfilling orders from prototypes to continuous process machining. Continuous investment in modern equipment and facilities and operator training with the addition of state of the art tooling technology ensure maximum quality, with the price benefits being passed to the customer.

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