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Corstorphine St Ninian’s Parish Church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland with sanctuary and halls in St John’s Road, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, 3 and a half miles west of the city centre.

The beautiful church was originally built around 1844, but it has undergone no less than 6 developments ever since, in response to the congregation significantly growing in numbers. The latest major segments, the east and west transepts, were added in 1914, but further work was done later on as well in order to extend the available space.

Currently, Corstorphine St Ninian’s Parish Church will house up to 800 parishioners during usual services, but its premises are also used for a variety of additional activities involving the local community.

The church halls are heated by 2 gas-fired boilers providing the necessary hot water for heating multiple radiators.

Mr. Lex Hope, the church’s site manager, recalls that, around 3 years ago, the church’s leaders started to consider the prospect of installing an energy management system that would enable them to “reduce energy consumption” and “adapt to the seasonal and immediate changes in outdoors temperature” while also offering “easier management” of the entire central heating system.

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