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EDS is a professional IT/IS services company helping clients manage the business and technology complexities of today’s digital economy. EDS takes a holistic view of IT provision, addressing requirement definition and specification, technology conversion, procurement, implementation and operation, to provide a complete and successful solution. They currently operate such a service at the Delphi factory in Luton, as well as many other sites around the country.

When EDS where asked to investigate a time and attendance system for Delphi, they undertook a thorough review of the market. Steve Tizzard a systems engineer from EDS said,

We looked at the Time and Attendance systems available and found there were around 15 that matched the Delphi criteria. From these original 15, we reduced the possible suppliers to 2 who offered the best features. The Tensor WinTA system was selected because the staff who were going to operate it on a daily basis found it the easiest system to use.

Steve and his team set-up the WinTA payroll and shift patterns for Delphi after they had attended a two-day training course at Tensor’s St Neots training centre in Cambridgeshire. They then trained the staff at Delphi from the information they had learnt.

Steve remarked, The features and flexibility of the system are the strong points of the software and as we are based on site we can tweak the system until it does exactly what Delphi want.

Steve says, The Personnel staff find it easy to use and Delphi UK’s Personnel Director is happy with the Tensor system. I find that I can use the software to manipulate the data to get the information I require.

The Access Control function within WinTA is also used to limit access to some of the offices around the building. Only the appropriate cardholders can gain access as the system allows Delphi to set individual security levels for each door and each employee at different times within a day, and different days within a year.

The fire roll-call printer located in the gatehouse automatically prints an evacuation report if the fire alarm system is activated. This provides a fast and accurate way to account for all members of staff in an emergency situation.

EDS also maintain the WinTA systems for other sites around the country. Here, Steve is able to update and monitor the systems remotely from his office in Luton.

We have many UK customers that use WinTA with between 100 to 400 employees at each site. EDS are the first point of contact for these companies and we support them with any help they need including advising them on additional hardware as its is required.


EDS helps clients manage the business and technology complexities of today’s digital economy. For instance, we support more than 2.2 million desktops worldwide, enough for every person in the United Arab Emirates. We also manage about 46,000 servers and provide Web hosting for about 750 clients worldwide.

We apply expertise in an innovative and effective manner enabling our clients to improve their overall performance and better serve their customers. Our track record as a solutions provider, manager of complex UK public sector programmers, and provider of Managed Services is second to none. EDS has been a strategic supplier to government and the public sector for many years, with a proven reputation for meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

If you would like any more information about EDS and their services the please visit their website at

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