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Set in the picturesque and historic village of Hunsdon in East Hertfordshire, Hunsdon Village Hall is located at the centre of the village and at the heart of the community. Built in the 15’th century and functioning over the years as a private residence and school, the hall now serves the local and surrounding communities as a function venue, meeting place and activity centre.

The main hall is provides a versatile space for a number of activities and includes its own stage. In 2010, a new annex was added to the building, incorporating modern accessible toilets, three storage rooms, a Doctors Consulting room and a second meeting room. The latter now allows dual concurrent use of the hall, when the main hall is in use.

The heating system uses a gas-fired boiler for heating and hot water with panel radiators controlled by Thermostatic Radiator Valves (“TRV’s”).

The Village Hall is used on a regular basis by up to 10 different organizations who hire it for various classes and meetings. It is also a very popular location for private events, so much so, that around 18 months ago, managing all the bookings and heating requirements for all the groups became a very challenging task for the dedicated team of volunteers in charge of running the hall:

• It was increasingly difficult to make sure that the temperature within each area of the building was appropriate for each booking.
• Heating patterns were not optimized depending on occupancy and use, leading to heating left on, energy being wasted and higher bills.
• It created an extra workload and security concerns related to access on site.

This is where the HeatingSave Hall & Energy Management System (HESM) came in – and just at the right time, as Mike Newman, village representative and buildings manager at Hunsdon Village Hall, told the HeatingSave reporter.

“We attended a meeting of local village halls where our colleagues from Sabridgeworth presented their new HeatingSave system. We were very interested and after looking more into it and attending a demo by the HeatingSave consultant, we concluded that it was a “must” for us as well” said Mike.

Asked to explain the Hunsdon Village Hall’s decision to choose the HeatingSave Hall Energy & Security Management (HESM) system over other systems, Mike replied, “We chose HESM because it is a tailor-made system specifically for the requirements of village halls and community centres, such as ourselves. Most importantly, it also has very good and complete room booking software AND a built-in access control system; which is something we had considered installing for a while.”

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