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Kington Langley Village Hall (KLVH) is a modern and vibrant facility located in Wiltshire’s Kington Langley village conservation area.

The Village Hall has undergone a major improvement programme over the past few years, with the ultimate goal of significantly reducing energy and operational costs. A HeatingSave Hall Energy & Security Management System (HESM, for short) was installed at the KLVH as part of this project in mid 2014.

Our HeatingSave reporter initially interviewed Dr. Peter Giles, Head of the Projects Group at the Kington Langley Village Hall back in October 2014 – you can find more about the initial experience of HeatingSave here.

Less than a year later, Dr Giles came back to us with a very interesting update, one which further confirms the HeatingSave system’s impressive track record in cutting energy use and saving of fuel bills; as well as its extensive environmental monitoring capabilities.

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