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Spaceworks has grown from it’s inception in 1990 to become one of the largest event furniture suppliers in Europe. Their head office is based in Godstone to the south of London and comprises of large storage warehouses and offices. They employ around 50 people which expands to over 150 during the busy summer months with the addition of agency staff.

They needed a new electronic system to replace their manual timesheets to record hours worked by the full time and agency staff. Timesheets were calculated each week and as the company grew the management of this became increasing difficult to do. They also wanted a new system to check how much they were being charged by the agency staff providers.

Managing Director, Paul Turney, located Tensor on the Internet and liked the look of Tensor’s WinTA Lite system. They purchased this and installed it themselves in March 2003. They also bought Tensor’s Personnel system at the same time.

Once they had set up their own custom reports, Spaceworks found it was easy to check timekeeping, absences and holidays. Fiona Turney, Finance Director, said “we are still getting used to the system, but we are all ready enjoying the reporting aspects of the system. We will later use the system for average hours analysis and job costing in the future. However, we are currently in our busiest period of the year and will do this when we have more time after the summer.”

“Everybody uses the system including the drivers and office staff. The payroll department checks employee time keeping daily and now find it easier to calculate the monthly salaries and monitor absences” said Fiona, “On the few occasions we had to call Tensor regarding any technical issues, we have found their Help Desk very good.”

Spaceworks Furniture Hire will become the ultimate European event supplier, by building on our strengths and reputation for innovation, versatility and reliability. Their No.1 focus will be our friendly professionalism towards our customers and each other.

The Spaceworks FASTRAC service provides the ability to fulfil last minute and emergency requirements. Spaceworks furniture hire, they have always tried to achieve the impossible by providing a makeshift service through their standard system to accommodate every day requirements.

With the rapid growth in our industry over the past twelve months we have seen the need to provide a dedicated high speed guaranteed delivery service. Our FASTRAC team are proud to boast "If it can be done, it will be done."







Tel : 01883 744557

Fax : 01883 744668


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