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Glenair have 3 sites within a mile of each other in Mansfield near Nottingham where they supply the European Aerospace industry with a wide range of interconnection components and systems.

Initially they wanted a system that would calculate the bonuses and various overtime rates for their factory payroll, an operation working 24/7. However, they had just moved to a new site and were impressed with the access control capabilities of Tensor’s Smart Card systems.

The WinTA system installed by Tensor included several clocking stations and many access control points. The networked version of WinTA is used to tie all sites together both for Time & Attendance and Access Control. WinTA also controls the factory hooters notifying employees when their shift ends.

Over 390 employees use the Tensor system daily, which has been installed for 5 years. The main users from the accounts department were trained at Tensor’s Hail Weston Training Centre and found the system easy to pick up.

Martin Fletcher the current IT manager said “The best thing about Tensor is that it just runs in the background and I can ignore it. We do not use the full capabilities of the system and find that for our needs; it just works!”

The accounts department are the main users of the system. They have called the Tensor helpdesk in the past for a couple of problems and found them “very good and very helpful when required”

For over 30 years, Glenair UK has been supplying the European Aerospace industry with a wide range of interconnection components and systems. Today Glenair UK employs over 600 people at facilities in Mansfield, England serving a wide range of industries around the globe, including Telecom, Aerospace, Marine, Off Shore, Mass Transit and Utilities.

As a BSENISO9001 accredited company we have become the supplier of choice for many OEM companies that value a total solution supplier. Whether it’s connector accessories, complex micro and nano harness assemblies, conduits, moulded harness systems or fibre optic tool kits and connector-assembly tooling. Our project management, design, integrated manufacturing and distribution delivers on-time affordable solutions.

more information about Glenair and the interconnect solutions they
provide please visit their website.

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