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Guernsey Post Office operates the postal service for Guernsey and the other channel islands of
Alderney, Sark and Herm. They are building a new headquarters, which comprises a 43,000
sq.ft. purpose-built mailing facility and state-of-the-art mechanised sorting equipment.
The building, which is due to open in September 2002, will expand their sorting capacity and handle future
increases in demand.

For the security Access Control and Time & Attendance monitoring of the new facility,
Guernsey Post Office have just ordered a “top of the range” WinTA Enterprise System from Tensor. 

The new system has 40 controlled access points including car barriers. Guernsey PO needed a
system that used the latest technology, was easy to use and provided controlled access only
to those who have the appropriate Security Clearance. 

The Tensor Smart Cards will not only gain access to the building but also clock staff in
and out, at any one of the 8 Time and Attendance readers. The advanced reporting and analysing
features of WinTA Enterprise will use the clocking information in real time to produce standard
or customised reports.

Although there has been an official Post Office in Guernsey since 1794, in its present form it
only dates back to 1969 when the British Post Office was reorganised and the Guernsey operation
was offered the chance to become independent.

It chose to do so and since then has been run as a trading board
(i.e. one that operates as a commercial venture) of the States of Guernsey – the Island’s government.


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