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Mr. Jonathan Woodward is an electronics R&D engineer who lives in a relatively new 4-bedroom end-of-terrace house in Cambridgeshire. His central heating system is built around a combi boiler, powering multiple radiators installed in the house.

Back in early 2012, Mr. Woodward decided to put an end to over-spending on energy bills. After doing some extensive market research for a product that would allow him to optimize energy consumption, while in the same time providing a good level of comfort in terms of ambient temperature, Mr. Woodward ultimately decided to opt for a HeatingSave Small Business system.

I was certainly excited by the prospect of in-depth control over the heating system, using a dedicated, customizable software interface. Also, saving money on the fuel bills is certainly something everyone should consider”, Mr. Woodward told the HeatingSave reporter.

The HeatingSave Building Energy Management System uses advanced temperature, boiler flow and occupancy monitoring technology in order to optimize the level of functionality delivered by a boiler-based central heating system. It minimizes boiler functioning times in order to reduce fuel consumption, while in the same time also ensuring a very comfortable ambient temperature.

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