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Initial Citylink wanted an automatic computerised time and attendance system to replace a manual system for their 120 strong workforce at their depot in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. In charge of sourcing a new system was IT Manager, Andy Harris. He wanted an electronic system that could store a complete record of an employee’s clockings and had a good analysis and report generator. It was a requirement that the new system would work over an existing Ethernet network.

Andy together with Gavin Evans from the IT department looked at a few systems and decide to buy Tensor as the software looked the easiest to use, was one of the cheapest and could be self installed. We had a little trouble with setting it up explained Gavin, The Tensor Help Desk people were very good and resolved any problems quickly he added, the system is straight forward to use once it’s set up

The system installed by Initial Citylink in November 2003 comprises a Tensor T8440 clocking station controlled by WinTA Enterprise over an Ethernet network.

HR Manager, Patricia Burly, uses the Tensor system on a daily basis. She said It’s easy to add new employees and Smart Cards. We have saved a lot of time using Tensor compared with our old system. It not only saves us time, but also gives us the added benefit of being able to use this information for generating reports, allowing us to see which departments are using overtime and when. The software also reports on individual departments, individual employees and forms part of our Daily Operations report which goes out to managers.

Data is exported from WinTA Enterprise to a 3rd party payroll for processing.

In September 2004, Initial Citylink extended the system to include Tensor’s Access Control and Sub-Dermal fingerprint readers.

We are pleased with the Tensor system said Patrica. She rounded up by saying Tensor saves us a lot of time, it’s easy to use and it has clear benefits for reporting down even to employee level.

Gavin said, The Tensor system is quick and easy to use! I would recommended it to other companies if asked

Founded in 1969, Initial City Link pioneered the introduction of Same Day and Next Morning door-to-door delivery services nationwide. We have since grown to become one of the largest and most successful express delivery companies in the UK. Providing value-added services through high quality processes, innovative systems and responsive customer services.

With an expanding network of over 70 branches throughout the UK. We guarantee Next day delivery nationwide, including 25 European cities and New York.

We believe that our success, in the face of rapidly escalating competition both in the UK and overseas, is based upon the simple philosophy of providing a fast, easy-to-use service with the maximum flexibility and the highest standards of customer care. With complete confidence, we guarantee our high standards in our UK domestic services with our unique “Double Money Back” refund*

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