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Lister Hospital

The Lister Hospital is a 480-bed district general hospital in Stevenage. It offers general and specialist hospital services for people across much of Hertfordshire and south Bedfordshire and provides a full range of medical and surgical specialties.
General wards are supported by intensive care, high dependency and coronary care units, as well as pathology, radiology and other diagnostic services. There are specialist sub-regional services in urology and renal dialysis.

In 2003 the Lister was looking at ways to improve the working lives of their staff by using a flexi system. IT Manager, Paul Chambers, was in charge of the project and he decided to review the Tensor WinTA Time Management system as it had been recommended that the hospital considered using it. After a demonstration of the WinTA system the Lister Hospital placed an order for a Tensor Smart Card based Time Management system, but using Tensor’s Smart Keyfobs instead of Smart Cards. The system was installed by Tensor engineers and no problems were encountered during the installation of the hardware or the software.

One of the hospitals managers and another user were trained at the hospital on how to use the WinTA system. When asked what she liked most about the Tensor system, Janet Parker, IT Business Administration Manager at Lister Hospital said “Having an electronic system that, once the rules are put in, will work across all functions is particularly good”. Janet also remarked that the Smart Keyfobs were particularly easy to use and the staff had no troubles with them.

The Lister also uses Tensors Personnel system for managing staff training. Janet described it as “Very good”.

The Lister have found the WinTA Time Management system very reliable and simple to use. They have never had need to call the Tensor Helpdesk but have used Tensor’s operations department to make some repairs. “Very efficient” was how they described the quality of the service they received.

Janet Parker said that they intend to expand the Tensor Time Management to be used on more sites.

When Janet was asked if he would you recommend Tensor to other NHS facilities, Janet replied “Yes”, and finally summing up Tensor in a few words Janet said, “Tensor has an easy to use system”.

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