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Browns Hotel Mayfair

Brown’s Hotel is in the heart of London’s glamorous Mayfair, offering high-end service to one of the most famous addresses in the city. Approximately 240 staff members work at the premises, which because of its prestigious status, required a Time & Attendance and Access Control system providing a secure and reliable method of entry for workers.

Hotel Chief Engineer Phil Hillman, who was responsible for choosing which product the establishment had installed, said he had prior knowledge of Tensor’s commitment to reliable smart card Time and Attendance systems.

He added, “I knew of Tensor when their products were installed at the Russell Hotel, and they work. They do holidays and everything. The same gentleman came and saw me who I dealt with at the Russell Hotel. When I told my senior manager the benefits of the Tensor system, he said the decision to use Tensor was a ‘no-brainer’. ‘Get it then’, he said to me”.

The Tensor system was installed five years ago. Phil explained that hotel employees use the system for time and attendance and functions such as booking absences and holidays. The software “is primarily used for human resources, payroll, and such”. He commented that a secure smart card regime is vital for a large establishment that routinely deals with a selective clientele.

The all-in-one WinTA system both records and monitors attendance, and handles all major hours and wages calculations. Hotel workers clock in via their contactless smart cards at the readers, which double up as an access control point. The attendance information is then sent to the software, which deals with many different shift patterns, including night working and overtime. The system exports to and interacts with all the major payroll software such as Unipay.

Phil described how the fire roll call part of the Tensor system is used every week for a test, plus every year for drills, and every three months for night staff. Phil said, “The system gives us a print-off, and then I can call the names of staff off the list.” Fire roll call is a very useful health and safety feature of the Tensor software and automatically prints off a list of the staff members who are present in the building in order for them to be accounted for at the evacuation point.

Phil has used the Tensor help desk. His view of the quality of the help desk was, “They’ve got a very good service back-up on the very few occasions something goes down and we can’t fix it.”

When asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Phil replied, “Very much so.”

A very satisfied Phil said to the Tensor reporter that what he likes most about the system is, “It is very efficient”, and summing his experience of Tensor he concluded “I have no problems with Tensor at all”.
Customer information
Brown’s Hotel
Albemarle Street
Tel: +44 (0)20 7493 6020
Fax: +44 (0)20 7493 9381
Web: https://www.roccofortehotels.com/hotels-and-resorts/browns-hotel/ 

Brown’s Hotel opened as London’s first ever hotel in 1837. The hotel is located within walking distance of key shopping streets such as Bond Street and Regent Street in addition to major theatres, art galleries and all key central London landmarks. It is part of the Rocco Forte Collection family of 13 highly individual hotels. Brown’s Hotel has received a wide range of awards and accolades including: Top UK Leisure Hotels 2010 in the Condé Nast Traveller UK Reader’s Travel Awards.

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