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Quantum House

Quantum House is an office building in the busy and growing Hertfordshire town of Hemel Hempstead. The office building and the adjacent car park is shared by four different organisations.

The Quantum House Facilities Manager, Peter Mercer, wanted to install an automated barrier for the car park which is used on a shared basis and let out on a leasehold. He explained to the Tensor reporter, “With so many people from different organisations using the car park, it was impossible to know who was legitimately using the bays and who was trespassing. Hemel Hempstead is a busy working town with parking space at a premium. We want our facilities only to be used by Quantum House personnel.”

After reviewing his options on the internet, Peter came across Carpark Barriers & Turnstiles, part of the Tensor plc group of companies. After talking to a Tensor representative, it was decided to install a Smart Card access control based car park barrier system for Quantum House in December 2008. It uses the existing proximity card access system used by the whole building. The automatic barrier enabled Quantum House to have full control over who was allowed access through any controlled point at any time of the day. The twofold feature of these barriers is they prevent unauthorised access while providing minimum inconvenience to those who do have authorisation.

Peter liked the fact the Tensor smart card operated systems can stop vehicles at the relevant barrier and disallow entry or exit until they are identified. He added: “The barriers provide peace of mind regarding access to our premises.”

He told the Tensor reporter that a big factor in using a Tensor system was that the Tensor smart cards were so easy to use because they are proximity-read, and are much quicker and simpler than swipe cards to handle. “The cards do not have to be taken out of a purse or wallet. People can enter or exit our park in less than a second by just presenting the card at the access reader”, he added.

The Tensor integrated access control network can control virtually all electronic security devices, from shutters and turnstiles to gates and electro-magnetic locks. Peter also liked that the no-nonsense durable barriers that can be used in any weather, and they can also be colour-coded to suit a particular corporate identity at little or no extra cost. Another plus point for Peter was that the Tensor barrier comes with a two year warranty and that they don’t need routine maintenance.

He summed up the proven car park barrier system by saying: “It is a fast, reliable and efficient product.”

Customer Information

Quantum House
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead
Tel: 01442 240458

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  • hugh godfrey

    I need to install a parking control system in a residential development where the driveway has a right of way over it to another property in separate ownership.

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