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Sachs Boge are leading manufacturers and distributors of automotive clutches and shock absorbers. They supply their products worldwide and are recognised as a “state-of-the-art” company who also supply the king of the automotive Motorsport Formula 1.

Alan Clarke, the Warehouse manager of Sachs Boge (UK) Ltd at Crick in Northamptonshire, wanted a replacement for their existing manual clock card based timekeeping system. In particular he required a computerised system that would process the daily clockings automatically and produce analysis reports. He narrowed the field to 3 suppliers, including Blick, and finally decided to have a Smart Card WinTA Lite system from Tensor as
“it looked easy to use and the price was fairly good."

"The installation was done by Tensor and was straight forward. When it was installed the engineer quickly ran through how to set up shifts and I have never
looked back since."
Remarked Alan. Currently of Sachs Boge (UK) employ a mixture of full-time employees and some
agency staff, who also use the Tensor system.

Alan said "before we had the Tensor system I spent at least a couple of hours a week simply checking the employees timekeeping and entering the data into the payroll system. Now all I have to do is pass the information to the department managers so that they can authorise hours worked and overtime themselves."

Some of the other comments Alan had to make about his Smart Card WinTA Lite system were

  • "The system is also great for checking what hours the agency staff have worked even when they query it months later"
  • "The best thing about WinTA Lite is the ease of use and amount of time it saves me each week.
  • "The only problem we ever had was easily solved by contacting the Tensor Helpdesk who talked me through downloading a software update over the Internet.”
  • "To sum up, I would say Tensor have provided a functional system, which is cost effective and has reduced costs and the hours needed to process the information."

Thanks to an evolving knowledge, the will for innovation and the drive for the highest possible product quality, Sachs has become one of the world’s leading original equipment suppliers for the automobile industry.

In close collaboration with the manufacturer’s technical designers, engineers, technicians and scientists from their development centers in Germany, the USA and Brazil work out system solutions which go far beyond the normal scope of a traditional parts supplier. Throughout the world, Sachs developers sit with renowned automobile manufacturers at one table in order to work out the perfect solutions from preliminary studies. 

Three strong product brands stand for the competence, quality, and service orientation that the new trading organization represents: SACHS, LEM’RDER and BOGE. Sachs Boge UK sells their components by wholesalers and their cooperatives. Those supply the workshops several times daily. The owner of a vehicle in need of repair buys the original spare parts there.

Sachs Boge (UK) Ltd moved to this site in Crick, Northamptonshire in 1995. Logistically, the site is ideally placed, as it sits on the intersection of the M1 and M6, resulting in excellent transportation links. 

For more information about Sachs Boge and their
products then please visit their website at http://www.sachs-boge.co.uk

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