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Coors is one of the worlds largest brewers and brands of beer and has a brewery in Alton, Hampshire, England. The brewery formerly owned by Bass was sold to Coors in March, 2002.

Roy Browne, Head of Security, was looking for a 1st class integrated Access Control and Time & Attendance system which would help the brewery maintain control of the many visitors and vehicles that enter the site daily, and in addition help the company adhere to the European Working-Time Directive rules.

They ordered a Smart Card system from Tensor after reviewing products from four other suppliers. “No one else in the market even came close to the products Tensor were offering exclaimed Roy. Tensor was the best in Access Control and the most comprehensive in helping us with the European Working Time Directive” he said.

A Tensor WinTA system was installed for Access Control and Time & Attendance of the 150 employee workforce together with Smart Card access control points for many of the internal and external doors as well as two car park barriers. Roy says “with Tensor, YOU are in control of security.
Roy also likes Tensor’s WinTApass visitor monitoring system and the fire roll-call facilities of WinTA, which he feels are essential features. They’re great he says. Coors also have a Tensor colour badge printing system (WinBadge) attached to WinTApass so they can print there own visitor badges.

Roy attended one of Tensor’s training courses at Hail Weston, which he thought was really good. “We probably don’t use all the features of the software said Roy, but the system does everything we want and it’s easy to use. Also any upgrades we have had in past have been easy to do”

At Coors, the people running the Tensor system are experienced IT professionals and can solve most problems by themselves. They have contacted the Tensor Helpdesk in the past and “felt they always had a good relationship with Tensor staff and that the staff were very good. Said Roy. [glad to be of service, Roy – Ed]

Adolph Coors Company, founded in 1873, is ranked among the 500 largest publicly traded corporations in the United States. Their principal subsidiary is Coors Brewing Company, the nation’s third-largest brewer. The company also owns the second-largest brewer in the United Kingdom, Coors Brewers Limited.

Throughout their history, Coors have provided consumers with high-quality malt beverages produced using an all-natural brewing process and the finest ingredients available. Their portfolio of products includes Coors Light – the fourth-largest-selling beer in the country -Coors Original and nearly a dozen other malt-based beverages, primarily premium and superpremium beers.

Check out their website for more details on the company and the products they sell.

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