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SKF is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rolling bearings and is a company founded on innovation,
quality and service.
The first SKF factory was founded in Luton in 1907 and was the first factory to be opened by SKF outside of

At the factory in Luton they are using a WinTA system for
monitoring staff time and attendance, access control and for Job costing. The system
has over 20 access control points and includes car park barriers. 

members of staff are issued a smart card, which is used by simply
presenting it close to a reader. The access points security levels are
controlled from the main PC and can be set easily for any point in the
Staff use their card for both clocking in and for access control.

The Luton factory uses the system for job costing and has readers at
key points in the production line process. Using the smart card system the
cost of a job can be followed and is capable of tracking in excess of
15,000 jobs simultaneously, with jobs broken down to operation level. The
system quickly identifies which jobs need to be complete to finish a

SKF was founded in 1907 and from the very beginning focused intensively on quality,
technical development and marketing. The results of the Group’s efforts in the area of
research and development have led to a growing number of innovations that has created new
standards and new products in the bearing world. 

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