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South Bucks District Council employ 200 staff of which the majority are based at their new offices in Capswood, Denham. The Council first thought of installing an integrated Time & Attendance and Access Control system in 2003 when the decision was made to move from their previous premises in Slough. They looked at a total of 4 companies when considering the system that best suited the needs of the Council. The Project Leader was Alan Munro.

On asking why he chose Tensor, Alan said, “Tensor met our requirements and had a more flexible, future-proof system than the competitors. He added, The Tensor system is as simple or as complex as you want to make it!”

A WinTA Enterprise system of T8440 Smart Card clocking stations was installed in October 2004. The software also included Tensor Access Control and Tensor Personnel. After some initial teething problems the system settled down. Alan Munro said, “From a users point of view, Tensor does what we want, and it’s easy to administer. Everybody likes Tensor Smart Cards – so much easier than the swipe cards and keypads we had before”.

The council have called the Tensor Help Desk and found them to be “very helpful”.

Alan Munro is currently considering extending the Access Control part of the system to other doors within the building. What the Council like most about Tensor is that it is Windows based and user friendly. “It doesn’t take more than a few clicks to pretty well do anything in the system” remarked Alan Munro.

Asked if he would recommend Tensor to other customers, without a pause Alan said, “of course we would” and finally when asked to sum up Tensor in a few words Alan said “Efficient, helpful and easy to deal with”.

South Bucks District Council


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Tel: 01895 837200

Web: www.southbucks.gov.uk

e-mail: sbdc@southbucks.gov.uk

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