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Toms Confectionery is the second largest manufacturer of ‘own label’ sugar confectionery, employing over 400 people across 3 sites and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toms Gruppen AS, a leading Confectionery manufacturer in Denmark.

In Late 2000 IT Manager, Tony Farrar, was in search of a new Time and Attendance system and an Access Control system to improve security. Tensor installed a WinTA Enterprise SQL system, Tensor Personnel system, Smart Card Time & Attendance clocks and Access Control scanners in October, 2000. There were no problems with the installation of the hardware or software.

Tony Farrar and Pat Appleton attended a training course at Tensor’s Training Centre in Hail Weston. “Very Good” was how Tony described the quality of the training.

The Tensor system is mainly used for Access Control and Attendance Monitoring of personnel on site. “What I like most about Tensor is that their products are very reliable and we have had no major problems with it at all” explained Tony. He continued to explain to the Tensor reporter how they found the system very easy to use, especially the Tensor Smart Cards.

On occasions Tony and his team have called the Tensor Helpdesk. “Very, very quick and very efficient” was how he described the service. He also said that Toms have just placed an order to extend the existing system with Access Control for two more doors in the Engineering Store.

Would Tony Farrar recommend Tensor to other companies? “Yes most definitely, I would have no problems in doing this” was the reply — and summing up Tensor in a few words he said “The system is very reliable and it does exactly what we want” .

Toms Company Information

The vision for Toms Confectionery is to become a leading one stop shop supplier of own label and niche brands within sugar confectionery.

Toms Confectionery Ltd
Clifton Road,
Tel: 01253 761201,
Fax: 01253 600218,
web: www.tomsuk.co.uk

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