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Molson Coors Brewers

The Manor Park brewery site in Alton, Hampshire is part of the Molson Coors Brewers Ltd group, and site employs about 150 people. Security Co-ordinator Roy Browne was in charge of obtaining a proven and reliable method of smart card access control for the site. “We went for the Tensor system because it was the only company supplying equipment that was compliant with Working Time Regulations,” he said. “I looked at another company’s product, and I didn’t like it.”

Tensor installed the system and trained staff onsite about how to use it – and the system is still running after 15 years. Since then the site has successfully added further to its security with Access Control and Visitor Control from Tensor.

“I wouldn’t change it or go for another system,” commented Roy to the Tensor reporter. “The system enables us to monitor the hours worked by staff members. We also have to produce a report every Saturday night for senior management, and to make sure we were compliant with regulations.”

Roy said there are a number of security features at the site which Tensor takes care of. “There are four computer hub rooms that are scattered over the site, plus stationery and stores rooms, that we use Tensor’s access control scanners to permit access,” he said. “The person in charge of stores can pinpoint who was booked in, and when, if an item of equipment goes missing”.

Roy described how they have used Tensor’s smart card access control system to control the car park over the road from the brewery, where there was an access controlled gate.

Roy explained how they now use the system with a turnstile to allow employees to gain access to the building’s main entrance. He added, “Contractors can’t get in that way, so they have to come in via the gatehouse, where we use Tensor’s Visitor Monitoring system.” Temporary visitors and contractors are booked in on PC-based system. This is quick and easy to use and issues ID badges, stores identification and important documents for future reference, he added.

Roy described how the Tensor Access Control fire roll call system is linked into the main fire alarm. “As soon as it goes off, the fire roll call report prints off telling us which employees and contractors are in the building. It’s a pretty foolproof method”, he enthused.

From time to time Roy has needed to call the Tensor help desk support facility. His remark regarding the quality of the service was, “It’s been good considering we don’t have a maintenance plan. They’re more than happy to go over the system with us on the phone.”

Asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, Roy replied: “Definitely, yes. Their Sales Director asked if West Mercia Police could come over and have a look at the system, and I said there was no problem.”

In conclusion, Roy summed up Tensor as, “It provides the service we’re looking for. It does everything we want it to do…….and more.”

Customer information

Coors Brewers Ltd
Manor Park
Lower Turk Street
GU34 2PS
Tel: 01420 541177
Web: www.molsoncoors.co.uk/

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