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The Jolly Hotel is one of the most elegant hotels in London and when their
managing director wanted a similar staff management system to the one he
had previously in his New York hotel, the Jolly Hotel decided on Tensor.

The hotel has 12 departments, several different shift patterns and 150
employees. They required a system where management could quickly and
easily check employee timekeeping and absences.

Management visited the Paragon Hotel in London to see a Tensor system in
action and to talk to the users of the Tensor WinTA system. They picked
Tensor because it looked so simple to use and was one of the

Due to the hotel layout they have two Smart Card clocking stations
linked using Tensors’s Ethernet modules to their existing network. Dean
Strange, the IT manager said, “The employees were a bit
sceptical initially but found the Tensor Smart Cards very easy to use.
After initial training from Tensor, the management also found the
monitoring and reporting of staff lateness and absence simple too”.

Financial Controller, Eamon Coughlan, said, “The system is so
simple to use and any problems I have had were quickly dealt with by the
Tensor helpdesk who helped me resolve them step by step.”

For more information about the Jolly Hotel St Ermin’s and to book online
please visit their website

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