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Thomas Swan Scientific Equipment have over 20 years experience in compound semiconductor industry and have become the leading supplier of Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) systems and components. In order to meet their expansion needs the company relocated to a purpose built factory in Cambridge.

With the move in 1999 they looked for an integrated computerised Access Control and Fire Roll Call system for the new factory. They wanted to bolster security to ensure that no unauthorised person could enter the building. Additionally, they also wanted an easy way to account for all employees and visitors on site.

Thomas Swan surveyed the market and chose Tensor because of it’s advanced technology incorporating Smart Cards and sophisticated, automatic Fire Roll Call. The system was installed by Tensor in November 2001 and comprised a T2561 clocking station, 6 Access Control scanners, Fire Roll Call printer and an intercom so that visitors can talk to reception.

The factory has around 100 employees who use the system to clock in and out each day. They also use 15-20 Smart Cards for sub-contractors and another 10 for visitors.

“The system has been used very successfully by managers for checking absences and timekeeping”, said payroll administrator Heather Watts.

“The tensor system gives us better productivity as we are not losing man hours through timekeeping and absences and that alone pays for the system”, said Heather. “The WinTA system is a great asset to the company.”, she added.

The thing that Heather Watts most liked was the reporting, which she described as “very interesting”. “They’re great for the manager and we print off weekly reports, which we can then file for the auditors. Being able to produce reports so that we can check how much contractors are billing us is great as well. In fact the contractors don’t even argue with us as they know we have a Tensor system”, said Heather.

“The tensor system has been a success and coped very well. It has achieved everything we wanted it to achieve in respect to security and fire roll call”, explained Heather.

Thomas Swan test the fire system every week and found that the fire roll call facility worked very well in previous drills.

Company Information

Thomas Swan Scientific Equipment Ltd. (TSSE) is a leading global supplier of MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition) reactors and components to the compound semiconductor industry.

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