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From a small family run laundry in 1932, Bourne Textile Services has expanded to a company employing over 450 people. It is currently a leading, modern, high-quality supplier of textile services particularly for the hotel industry where it has benefited from the growth of national and international hotel groups. Bourne Textiles now services a complete cross-section of customers from 500 bedroom International hotels to Bed and Breakfast establishments and specialist restaurants with a varied range of linen and Chefswear.

During 2000, Bourne Textile Services Financial Director, David Bower, was looking for a new computer system that would enable the company to comply with the Working Time Directive and also monitor the hours worked by their drivers. He wanted to speed up the time taken to verify time worked by employees and to calculate the net hours worked. In particular he wanted to do away with the existing system of manual timesheets.

After examining the various software and equipment available in the market, David narrowed his choice to two suppliers, Mitrefinch Ltd and Tensor plc, and finally chose Tensor because he regarded the Tensor software as “easier to use”, and liked the support Tensor were able to offer. He also felt that “the Tensor software worked better for the company and was more flexible than the Mitrefinch system”.

A WinTA Enterprise SQL system running a mixture of T8440 and T25xx clocking stations with automatic Fire Roll Call Printers all operating over an existing Ethernet network was installed by Tensor in May 2005. No problems were encountered with the installation of either the hardware or the software.

David Bower, the company’s HR Manager and Operations Director were all trained on the new system by Tensor at the Hail Weston training centre. Very, very, very good – could not fault the training”, was David Bower’s comment regarding the quality of the training he received.

When asked what he liked most about Tensor, David replied: Tensor is easy to use and works well for us. I particularly like being able to very quickly change details on system. It’s very user friendly”. When asked how well the employees have taken to the Tensor Smart Cards, he saidAbsolutely fine. Very simple and easy to use”.

Bourne Textiles are looking to expand their existing system into a new factory in the near future; particularly because David feels the ease of use and flexibility of the Tensor equipment’s makes it easy to expand in other areas.

When asked if he would recommend Tensor to other companies, David said Yes, no problem at all! , commenting that he had already done so. Finally, summing up Tensor in a few words, David said a good accurate Time and Attendance system that is reasonably priced and easy to set up with our own somewhat complicated shift patterns .

Customer Information

Bourne Textile Services originated as a small family run laundry in 1932, providing a high quality laundry and washing service for Bourne and the surrounding area. From such humble beginnings, consistent re-investment in modern plant, equipment and technology, culminating in the building of a brand new processing unit in 2003, has enabled the company to become a leading supplier of textile services in the East Midlands and East Anglian region.

A working partnership with Brooks Service Group was set up in 1970 to enable Bourne to benefit from the ongoing consolidation of the hotel industry and the growth of national and international groups. The company is now proud to service a complete cross-section of customers from 500 bedroom International hotels to Bed and Breakfast establishments and specialist restaurants with a varied range of linen and Chefswear.

The wealth of experience accumulated by the company throughout this time is evident in our commitment to service and at a price that represents good value. We appreciate that our customers are under constant pressure to maintain and improve standards for an increasingly discerning public.

Bourne Textile Services Limited
Manning Road,
PE10 9EU
Tel: 01778 422534
Fax: 01778 426110

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