Key Features
Ideal for stop & go tolling, parking and access control applications and requiring a maximum input power of 13W, the Tensor Basic line features a Power-over-Ethernet (POE) interface to minimize the installation and maintenance times
New generation Full HD sensor for reading reflective and non-reflective plates
Built-in data buffer enables full standalone functionality even when the data connection is disrupted
Extra compact size for a lower visual impact
Easy to install, does not require external IR lighting
Vandal-proof connectors
New context camera colour sensor can provide high-quality images even in low light conditions (from 25 Lux)
Tensor Basic Family Applications

  • Multi-lane Free Flow
  • Police enforcement
  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring
  • Border control
  • Tax and insurance control
  • Congestion charge
  • Access control to limited traffic areas


Automatic Number Plate Camera – Parking Access Control – Stop & Go Tolling

  • The Tensor Basic Line features a small and compact case
  • POE allows for a single wire connection
  • Optional modules available on demand
  • Camera software updates automatically
  • Available in black-and-white and colour versions
  • Tensor Basic Short Range: maximum detection distance – 8 meters, maximum vehicle speed – 60km/h (37.2 mph)
  • Tensor Basic Long Range: maximum detection distance – 25 meters, maximum vehicle speed – 150km/h (93.2 mph).
Key Features and Performance Basic Short Range / Basic Long Range
Lane Detected 2
Max Speed Detected [km/h] 70 / 150
Working Distance [m] Up to 8 / Up to 25
Detection 99%
Reading >95%
OCR ANPR engine on board
Grabbing 60 fps
ANPR camera 2 MPX BW / Colour
Illuminator 8 high power LEDs, Infrared @ 850 nm
IP Protection Waterproof IP67
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000
Wi-fi (Easy install) Yes
Free Run Continuous processing with automatic vehicle detection.
Triggered Image capture and processing triggered by Ethernet command or digital signal.