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As part of our efforts to help customers enjoy a superior level of functionality for our core software products, Tensor is proud to announce the release of a new and improved version of the Tensor.NET software, Version, which provides several new features and enhancements, as well as some fixes and special software modifications requested by our customers.

1. Amend Clockings

A new Load Physical Clockings checkbox has been added to the Amend Clockings Weeks tab. This follows up from the previous version,, where this was added to the Dates tab.

Ticking this setting and then selecting the ‘Refresh’ replaces all processed clockings or manually entered data with the physical clockings for the employee(s) and date(s) selected.

Before committing to this change the user will be alerted before making the changes as shown in the picture.

2. FaceStation 2 and T32xx Integration

This version adds further features to the FaceStation 2 integration, originally added to Tensor.NET in version Suprema FaceStation 2 terminals can now be added to T32xx Clocks via the Serial Port option as shown.

Users can select the ‘Serial Port’ option from the required clock to display the available devices and either drag and drop or double click the Face Station to add to the device.

When a user successfully scans their face, transactions will pass directly to the clock to show the Employee either Clocking IN or OUT respectively. This will then allow users to utilise all of the standard features of the T32xx clock.

The integration follows up and enhances the thermal camera support implemented in version That version added allowed for employee temperatures to be captured as their faces are presented for clocking. Temperatures that are greater than the maximum set in the Face Station are rejected with an exceeded threshold temperature warning. Temperatures collected into Tensor.NET allow:

  • Access Denied (Temperature Too High) alert notification emails to be triggered.
  • The display of last temperature details in the Employee Status Viewer and on the Physical Clockings page of Daily Amend. 


Version also includes a couple of fixes listed below:

1. Face Station enrolment – This version fixes a problem where the employee’s enrolment status is shown as ‘Not On Device’ within the employee record. Where the templates tab of the face station in HDM shows the employee as being enrolled.

2. Importing Absences – This version fixes an issue when importing absences with external references, the first time one comes in it creates the absences. If a duplicate comes in it deletes it, if another duplicate comes in it creates it again.

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