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Tensor constantly strives to develop new and improved features capable of delivering a superior level of functionality for our core software products. This also applies for the most recent Tensor.NET software releases, versions and, which provide several new additions and enhancements, especially around our Suprema FaceStation 2 integration, as well as some fixes and special software modifications requested by our customers.



  1. Support has been upgraded for the OMNIKEY reader in this version, and the latest MiFare Omnikey readers are now compatible with this version of Tensor.NET.
  2. Suprema FaceStation Enhancements:
  • The FaceStation functionality has been enhanced to include the use of Fire Roll Call points that can now be assigned to FaceStation units. When an employee scans successfully, the FaceStation will allocate the employee to a designated Fire Point location. New features have also been added to include the use of Job Booking, employees can now be assigned to set Jobs that have been allocated at the FaceStation unit.
  • Standalone FaceStation units now include a ‘Second Read delay’ function. This new setting inhibits staff from duplicating clocking transactions when scanning their face multiple times within the set time period.


  1. This version introduces the brand new Suprema BioEntry2 Scanner Integration. The Suprema BioEntry P2/W2 scanner is a compact fingerprint device featuring next generation biometric technology. The unit is now integrated into Tensor.NET and can be used for clocking and access control.
  2. The employee pandemic section has been further enhanced to include a Vaccine selection drop down option. This enables the user to select which vaccine the employee has had. The ‘State’ option has also been updated to include “Vaccinated – 1st Dose”, “Vaccinated – 2nd Dose” and “Vaccinated – Single Dose”. To enable users to log the various stages of employee vaccinations.
  3. Further enhancements have been made to the Suprema FaceStation integration with Tensor.NET which include the following:
    • A new ‘Card Family’ menu has been added to the General property page. This new feature enables the selection of card type by using a new card family drop down menu. The menu is available when off either a site or clock. (When off a scanner it will use the scanners card family
    • A new ‘2nd Read Delay’ setting has been added to Standalone FaceStations. The setting allows the user to set a delay of 1 – 60 seconds. This setting is to avoid the FaceStation clocking staff IN/OUT too quickly when staff fail to move out the way in a timely manner.
  4. Modifications have been made to the Tensor Interface Service. These changes will now allow the import of data into ten of the systems ‘Miscellaneous’ field option within the employee record.



  1. A fault was found where the Daylight saving dates were still using the 2020 dates on a clean database install. This has now been resolved.
  2. A fault was found on the Pin count reset transaction 90680. When using the Card and PIN number option on cards, after entering an invalid PIN number, then the correct PIN, It did not reset the pin count on employee causing the card to lock. This has now been resolved.


  1. When selecting the ‘Card Family’ option and choosing a card type on the Scanner object page, this was failing to save the correct details. This has now been resolved in this version.
  2. A fault was found when you had a primary authoriser setup on the employee Self Service Module screen. If you tried to remove one of the request types that they authorise, you couldn’t edit the permissions, you could only delete and then add them back in. This has now been resolved.



  1. A fault was reported with an Absence report where the long term sickness on Mondays was reporting much higher than it should do. The fault was identified and has now been resolved in this version.
  2. A scenario has arisen with the recent enhancements made to the FaceStation with Job Booking options that could affect other devices that are not set to book off job on clock out. If employees scanned out on these devices, the current Job would not end.

To resolve this, a new User Option setting ‘Book Off Job on Clock Out’ has been added, this can be found under Processing settings > General.  This setting has 3 new options available, ‘Hardware Controlled’, ‘Default Job Only’ and ‘Any Job’ as shown here.


  1. A fault was found on the Absence report when using the Auto reports feature. The report was not showing the full week when setting the parameters to show current week it only showed a couple of days. This has been resolved in the version

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