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The Tensor Self-Service Visitor Monitoring (SSVM) App allows organisations operating unmanned or manned receptions to cut reception and back-office costs and to streamline site access for customers, contractors and visitors.

We constantly add new features and enhance the functionality of our core software products, aiming to cover an extensive range of real-life usage scenarios. This is why the latest SSVM release, version 2.3.107 offers a number of very interesting new features and enhancements, as well as customer resolutions and fixes.

The enhanced functionality available when used with Tensor.NET & SSM Web Service v3.8.0.47 and above in the 3.8.0.x series and any v4.2.0.x or v4.4.0.x versions or above of Tensor.NET includes:

New Features & Enhancements

  • On the previous version, confusion was sometimes caused on the first question “Do you have an appointment?” Visitors should respond with Yes or No, their answer would determine the questions that followed. Visitors that were not pre-booked onto the system should say ‘No’. In some cases, the scenario was that Visitors did have an appointment so would select ‘Yes’ but the Host had not booked them onto the system so the App would be unable to find them. To resolve this, the initial question has been re-phrased to “Have you received an email confirmation of your booked appointment?” This will help to avoid any confusion at the initial check in page.
  • Two new timeout settings for tablet themes have now been added under the General section “Redirect after successful check in/out timer” which defaults to 10 seconds and “Inactivity Timeout Length” which defaults to 60 seconds. Both settings are now configurable by the user to enter an amount that suits their requirements. 


  • A problem was found where double clicking on the check in form anywhere on the screen at the first question a new pop up screen appears with zoom in and out options. This was down to a resolution problem on the certain devices. A change has been made so the app appears as full screen on all devices.

Customer Resolutions & Enhancements

  •  It was reported that when answering a multiple choice question on the App, the area to click the checkboxes was not large enough and could be difficult for some users to press. To resolve this problem, we have increased the padding around each answer and the User can now click the answer text as well as the checkbox, this gives a much larger area for the user to click.
  • It was suggested to have less clicks when selecting a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer so we have changed the format so that a ‘Popover’ style is used instead. This means a user only has to click twice to select an answer.

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