The WinTA.NET Time and Attendance Software Suite is the flagship product of our proven range of Windows™ based time and attendance products. It provides total control over the creation of working rules, Access Control, Job Costing and System Security. It has specifically been designed for multiple companies, each managing multiple sites.

A complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Regulations checking and reporting, ensuring that your company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.

The Time and Attendance software has a familiar Windows™ interface, providing quick and easy access to information.

The system holds details of virtually unlimited numbers of employees, including a photograph of each person, if required.

  • Web enabled, mobile / wireless technology based Time & Attendance for those employing 20 people to 10,000+.
  • Smart Card and Biometric validation of an employee’s identification.
  • Support for EM, HID, iClass & MiFare cards.
  • Absenteeism & lateness reporting.
  • Access Control with graphic maps and email alerts for all types of door, barriers, turnstiles & gates.
  • Email & ‘System Tray’ alerts.
  • Fire Roll Call reporting directly from clock controlled Ethernet connected printers, automatically triggered by fire alarm activation.
  • Comprehensive user-definable Working Patterns, Rosters, and Shifts.
  • Annualised hours and Flexitime methods of payment.
  • Extensive EU Working Time Regulations checking and reporting.
  • Manning level.
  • Report Generator outputs to web pages or text; either manually or automatically. Reports are all user defined.
  • Graphical Absence Planner with powerful reporting/analysis facilities for both individuals and groups.
  • On-line Self Service module allows staff to clock IN or OUT, check hours, request leave + other functions via internet, mobile or other communications.
  • With the Telephone Clocking module staff can call in from remote locations to clock IN or OUT or review their flexitime balance or remaining holiday entitlement. After entry of their pass code, an automated, spoken menu guides employees to the option they require.
  • Seamless interface to Tensor Personnel and Visitor Management products.
  • Export to Payroll function allows data from WinTA.NET to communicate with all the major payroll packages such as Sage, Pegasus, Centrefile, Unipay and many more.
  • Screen Designer facility for users to add customised screens and database tables.

T32xx Clocking Station

Using WinTA.NET Enterprise

WinTA.NET Time and Attendance Software

Time and Attendance Software – Key Features

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Absence export – a function that generates an export file of absence information that can be imported into third party systems.
Active directory – the ability to populate the system’s employee list from the users held in your Active Directory.
Advanced leave diary – this diary shows a breakdown of absence occurring on a selected site.
Absence details are grouped by skill, requests that have been cancelled or denied.
Alternate pay dates – this feature allows absence and worked time to be assigned to a different payment date.
Annualised hours – the function adds the annualised hours method of payment to the system where employees work
according to hours contracted on an annual basis.
Attendance management – attendance management enables users to create a series of rules to monitor and record
the short-term sickness and unauthorized absence of an employee.
Auditing – includes functionality to record and report upon user system activity.
Bradford index – report upon absence using the Bradford indexing standard.
Bulk amend – a menu option to change employee details en masse.
Calendar groups – this feature allows the days that are treated as public holidays to be varied across a range of
Company group – this option allows the company group entry to be renamed.
New entries cannot be added, the existing entry cannot be deleted.
CSCS card support – facilities to support and provision CSCS cardholders are provided
by a separate, WinTA CSCS serial number.
Enhanced roll call – using enhanced roll call reporting, the system will change
a person’s current fire point, as they scan at different locations withing the company’s premises.
Field Formulae – using this facility, length of service rules can control the amount of entitlement an employee has.
Fire Roll Call points – the ability to create fire assembly points for Fire Roll Call reporting.
Fire zones – a fire zone consists of one or more fire points. Clocks and access controllers
can be configured to print fire roll call reports for selective fire zones only.
Access Only
Flexi suspensions – a person’s flexitime balance can be suspended due to a change in their status.
Global access groups – create access control rules that apply to multiple sites
Herta – an integration to a Herta system that allows subjects to be detected by facial recognition and
granted access through T8526 controlled door releases. (Also requires a separate serial number).
Job costing – use the clocking equipment to book time against production jobs.
Locations – this feature allows clocking or access control equipment to be grouped into another
physical location.
Messaging – this feature enables you to add personalised messages to appear at the clock when employees clock.
Misc groups – categorise employees by two further customisable groupings.
Pay classes – pay classes allow different pay rates to be assigned to the same working and absence hours on an em-
ployee-by-employee basis.
Pay intervals – employees can be categorised by their payment period interval (T&A only).