The WinTA.NET Time and Attendance Software Suite is the flagship product of our proven range of Windows™ based time and attendance products. It provides total control over the creation of working rules, Access Control, Job Costing and System Security. The Time and Attendance software has a familiar Windows™ interface, providing quick and easy access to information.

The WinTA.NET Time and Attendance Software Suite – Start Edition has been specifically designer to meet the requirements of companies employing 50 people or less.


Feature Functions Description
Absence Planner Absence Codes Absence codes define all the reasons that can be allocated to employees when they are absent from work.
Absence Planner Absence planner shows graphically the planned and taken absence of one or more employees and can book one or more days absence, assigned to a reason, with a choice of 5 type of absence available.
System Calendar System calendar is where public holiday and shutdown days are created and viewed.
Access Control Site Access Pattern Site access pattern defines the access rules for any access control equipment located in a single site.
Site Access Group Site access group defines the access rules for any access control equipment located in a single site.
Security Event Viewer The security event viewer allows access control enquiries to be previewed in a customisable grid as well as the standard reporting screen.
Configuration Security Group Security groups control which companies, site, departments and sections are accessible by that user.
User Management This facility is where the system’s users are created and maintained.
Role Management Roles are used by the system to define which system features are available to logged in user.
Company One of the major OU grouping units. Only single companies are available in the Start Edition.
Site Only single sites are available in the Start Edition.
Hardware Manager The hardware manager provides a graphical representation of all the Tensor equipment, grouped by site.
Employees Departments Provides a list of all dept employees and can be assigned to a site or global access group, used by all employees in the dept.
Employees Records all employee related details.
Skills Include skill requirements when checking staffing levels. Skill requirements assigned on a site by site basis.
Mimic Panel Employee Status Viewer Status viewer shows current T&A and FRC status of one or more employees, refreshed at user defined intervals.
Reports Custom Reports Reports are designed using a wizard based facility that steps the user through the design process.
Auto Reports This facility can be used to automate the generation of any designed report. Reports are auto run either daily, weekly, monthly or activated by alert events.
Smart Cards Card Manager This feature lists all the cards used at clocks and controllers by card holders. Cards can be added to this list from a card file supplied by Tensor, by being read at an USB card reader attached to a client PC or by being logged at the clock and then downloaded.
System Communications This facility provides a method of manually instigating communications to Tensor clocks or controllers.
Amend Clockings Amend clockings provides a list of employee clockings and the hours calculated from them for a selected period. Clockings listed can be accessed for detailed viewing and amendment.
Flexitime Summary The flexitime summary lists the actual and expected hours used to calculate employee’s flexitime balances.
System Log System Log facility is used to record certain events automatically triggered by the system, for example MCVS welfare checks.
Log Files Log files are maintained by the system to record any detected technical errors.
Working Rules Paybands Create paybands to store hours worked at different payment rates or on specific jobs. Can specify the hours used to calculate the flexitime balance.
Shifts Shifts are used to configure the working rules applied to each day of the week.
Rosters Rosters are used to configure the pattern of shifts that an employee is expected to work.

System Support & Requirements


  • Help provided within the application, via an online support website or by telephone to our Helpdesk or by modem connection directly to your company.
  • Installation Support and Training.

System Includes


  • WinTA.NET Start edition software installation CD.


  • Windows 7 Professional or above.
  • A dual core 2.4GHz processor or higher
  • 250MB of free hard disk space for the software installation
  • 10Gb of free hard disk space for data storage
  • 4Gb RAM
  • CD ROM drive (for installation)
  • 1 x USB port (camera) optional
  • Further USB ports for the optional fingerprint reader (1 USB port per device).

* Please note these are basic system requirements. For a full list please contact a Tensor representative.

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