Tensor’s basic Monitoring of Contractor and Visitor System (“MCVS”) is called MCVS Lite and comprises of:

  • An identification system that uses paper printed passes
  • A method using these to track individuals and maintain a history of who visited and them

MCVS Lite is designed to replace an existing paper based system or where no system previously existed at all. MCVS Lite is simple to use, easy and quick to install and a good starting point for businesses that want to get a better handle on people who come to their premises. It also provides proof of ‘due diligence’ in demonstrating that the business has a rudimentary system of managing visitors for health & safety purposes.

The key features of MCVS Lite are:

  • The booking of appointments in advance and pre-booking of on-site contractors. As soon as an appointment is made, notification emails are sent to both the visitor and their host informing them of the appointment’s date, time and location.
  • Companies that do not have a front desk Receptionist can use MCVS Lite with touch screen technology so visitors with appointments can book themselves in or out.
  • Integration of MCVS Lite with a Tensor access control system to limit where visitors can go.
  • Reporting system so that you can search on previous visits and perform basic analysis and reporting of visitor activity.


Key Features

System Support & Requirements


  • Help provided within the application, via an online support website or by telephone to our Helpdesk or by modem connection directly to your company.
  • Installation Support and Training.

System Includes

  • MCVS.NET Lite edition software installation CD.


  • Windows 7 Professional or above
  • A dual core 2.4GHz processor or higher
  • 250MB of free hard disk space for the software installation
  • 10Gb of free hard disk space for data storage
  • 4Gb RAM
  • CD ROM drive (for installation)
  • 1 x USB port (camera) optional
  • Further USB ports for the optional fingerprint reader (1 USB port per device).

* Please note these are basic system requirements. For a full list please contact a Tensor representative.

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