Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring

What is Remote CCTV Monitoring?

Remote CCTV Monitoring is a cost-efficient surveillance system that protects your enterprise 24 hours a day, all year round from criminal and environmental vandalism and loss. It does not mean that somebody is watching your cameras 24/7.

Instead, CCTV with Remote Monitoring automatically sends a signal to a 24/7 monitoring station when unauthorised movement is detected on site. Action can then immediately be taken in response to any suspicious activity, protecting your business or property from criminal damage.

Nevertheless, Tensor’s password system functionality allows the Control Operator to ease the access out-of-hours to contractors on the site without having to provide fobs, keys or codes that they could potentially use again.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

If you require an enhanced level of security, Tensor can provide a Remotely Monitored Detector Activated CCTV System to BS8418 with a police level 1 response. Tensor’s CCTV remote monitoring centre is NSI Gold, BS7858:2012, BS5979:2007, BS8418:2015 & BS8484:2016 accredited.

How Does Remote CCTV Surveillance Work?

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Our top-of-the-range Remote Monitoring CCTV Systems use the latest digital technology to provide real time viewing and control of cameras via a broadband connection, and our remote monitoring centre responds to CCTV system activations 24 hours a day, all year round.

During daylight hours the CCTV surveillance provides colour images to then automatically switch to monochrome operation when it gets dark.

CCTV system provides detection of an incident on site and sends an alarm to the Control Centre operator, the operator then reacts to that alarm just as an on-premises guard would but using the CCTV system to investigate the cause of the alarm, issue an audio challenge where appropriate or contact the key holders or emergency services.

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Benefits of CCTV Remote Monitoring

✅ Peace of Mind

Remote Video Monitoring gives you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the security of your premises is in the hands of professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The staff at remote monitoring centres are well-trained in reading, responding and controlling the CCTV equipment.

Cost Effective

On site security is a huge cost to an organisation whether that is 24/7 manned guarding or a security guard who is present on site after hours, the cost to employ or contract a guard for your premises can feel like a substantial outlay. Remote Monitoring uses the concept of shared guards and shared cost.


Tensor’s Remote CCTV Monitoring is manned by experts in the field, so that you can rest-assured that your sites' security is in good hands should an alarm be triggered.

Video Analytics

A Remote CCTV Monitoring System analyses CCTV footage to automatically create security alerts when identifying specific types of events and activities, prompting the operator to act. A Video Analytics solution can be used for analysing both past and present data to identify specific incidents and patterns, known as forensic analysis.

Proactive & Responsive

Tensor’s CCTV Remote Monitoring Centre Operators are always alert and on average respond to alarms within 9 seconds. Whilst other security systems may be slow to react to an intrusion or break-in, a Remote CCTV Monitoring System can immediately alert the emergency services once detecting suspicious movements or activities.

Deters Criminals

Installing Remote Site Surveillance acts a visual deterrent to criminals and other unwanted visitors on your site. More times than not, if an intruder see’s that they are being recorded by a CCTV Camera then that’s usually enough to back away.

Fewer false alarms

Remote CCTV Monitoring provides a higher level of accuracy when it comes to analysing a situation. This is because Remote Surveillance uses real-life Operators who can view the CCTV footage and make a more accurate and considered decision before alarming key holders or emergency services.

Increased Reliability & Evidence for trial

The cameras of Remote Monitoring Systems are able to be controlled by personnel at a remote monitoring centre, which increases the reliability of the images. In the event of a break-in, the staff are able to adjust the zoom and the cameras’ positions to get the best footage possible.

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NSI Gold

Approved services and NSI Certificate of Approval for Access Control and CCTV Systems

NSI certificate of Approval

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